Cromwell Crew Group Photos: 1971 - 1972

This was the Crew's first canoe trip, which was down the Delaware River from Dingman's Ferry, PA to Easton/ Phillipsburg during August 1971. See more from this trip.

Tier and Mick face the camera. Is Bag bored or just asleep? Brother Dave behind and to the left of him.
On this canoe trip: Mick, Bag, Harry, Odge, Dave, Rob, Bogie, Cut, Lance, Tier, Bummer, Paul, Matt (and more)

The two below photos are at the Cromwell pool. The first is from the summer of 1971. Looks like Cut, Mike Featherstone, Harry, Lloyd, Terry, Dave & Bag against the other team. Can't tell who is opposite Terry, unless that's Bitzo. In the other, which is from the summer of 1972, Tier points something out to Lance, with Bag, Geb, Howie, Bummer and Terry also there. See more from these days.

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