Cromwell Crew
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1980s + (pg. 1) -  Excursions in Atlanta

Notice how Danny's lifeline is tied to the innertube carrying
the cooler with ham & cheese sandwiches, sausage biscuits
and Cokes. See where it all began.    (Just kidding Danny.)
Tubin' down the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta

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Terry, Cindy, Danny, Janie & Harry float leisurely down the
Chattahoochee. Date for this was some summer 1980-1982.

In Danny's first apartment, "Tempo Gateway," otherwise known
as "Tempo Gayway," due to all the fags that lived there.

The '65 Mustang Brothers

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1982 (Back in Morristown: Geb's Wedding - Assumption Church)

"Want a ride?" - Larry (Puss) Munther is the chauffuer

Arriving: Rob and Todd, Jack and Claudia

Aerial shot from the roof by Horace

Geb's reception was in Mendham. The reception
was at the T.A.L. Mansion on Bernardsville Rd.
(Larry Munther, Harry and Rob in picture)

Geb's sister Barbara with Tier

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wedding: Howie or

Geb and Annie
Mouseover photo to see Annie's reaction
when Geb asked if she knew how to cook
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