Cromwell Crew Reunion
Varmit Bachelor Blowout Party Weekend
June 1 - 3, 2001
  • ACity Boardwalk
  • ACity Dinners
  • ACity Bars
  • Atlantic City, N.J.

    Jack, Odge, Paul and Matt at the Blackjack table

    Matt, Jack and Geb on the slots
    (Run mouse cursor over photo to
    see the game they were playing)


    What is Terry doing?
    evading Harry's camera
    getting a closer look at his chips
    going after a quarter on the floor
    trying to drink a margarita through his nose
    all of the above

    left: playing the slots *
    * Jack won $69.50 at video poker (but not for long)
    See what the hotel/casinos look like in Las Vegas.

    Geb: "I liked growing up with the Crew.
    Those 3 years in the 8th grade were the
    best years of my life," he says.

    Paul lost only some
    of it here, though

    Paul loses only $60 due to the short 3
    hours he could stay. Way to go Pablo!

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