At Lake Swartswood - summer 1977

Although it's not known for sure, this is most likely at Lake Swartswood, where Bogie's parents had a rental or vacation house, plus he's also in the photo. However, it could be Lake Hopatkong, where the Crew also went a lot. Lake Swartswood was almost all the way to the Delaware Water Gap. Scroll down to see its location on a map (roughly 40 miles away).

In this group photo, that could possibly be Harry Heinkele behind Varmit, who lived two or three houses down from Wintz, and joined in on many a garage beer-robbing night.

For outsiders viewing this, from left to right: Varmit (who looks like he's saying "f..."), Harry Heinkele, Lance, Hogie, Jacko, Helene, Bogie, Howie, Rob. Sitting down are Tier and Bag. Photo by the other Harry. Though not in this picture, Bummer was also there (see photo below dogs-in-water shot).

Tier holds a stack of cups for the beer that's nearby.

Breakfast was good (or maybe this was lunch).

Put some clothes on, Lloyd!
(And who's that in bed with him?)

Howie & Rob

Jack and Helene
(who get married the following year)

Classic Tier

Swartswood Lake (above)

Bummer, Bogie, Tier & Bag in the water with a swamped canoe. And that's either Sundance, Tier's dog, or Genghis, Bag's dog.
Below: Varmit and Bag with someone's dog
(unknown, but could be Doug Wakefield's dog)

Right: Could be Jacko waterskiing but unknown

Bummer chows down on a hot dog

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At Lake George, New York - summer 1976

What Tier remembers about this trip: I remember somebody loosing their wallet (Paul or Bummer?) at a piss stop under a bridge on the way there and having to turn around and go back to get it. I recall somebody blowing the engine out of the motorboat we rented to get to our island and watching the engine sink to the bottom. I recall Geb lending me his scuba gear for my one and only scuba diving venture. I had enough weights on my belt to give new meaning to the term "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea."

  • Hear Paul talk about the trip (or read about it if your operating system won't play the audio file)
  • See a map of Lake George

Geb sports Harry's Bud hat

Bag, Tier, Pablo, Geb and Harry made the 208-mile trip

That looks like Tier (or maybe Feather) on the picnic
table. Unknown who got the choice spot on the hood
of the Tierney's station wagon, which we drove up in.

On the Lake George beach with Bag and Tier. Feather
probably also made this trip, although no one is sure.