Cromwell Crew Group Photos: 1978 - 1982

This is a game from the summer of 1978. On the bench, from left to right, is: Bummer, Bag, Odge,
Matt, Desi, then Tier's little sister Liz. Howie is on the ground. Tier, in the white shirt & blue jeans,
is walking toward the camera. His little brother Richard could be behind him, although not sure,
then Mr. Tierney is behind Richard, who looks like he's on a cell phone, though they haven't been
invented yet. And behind him is Mrs. Tierney. Go to the field and the day of this game and others.

Held Oct. 20 - 21, 1979 in Spartanburg S.C., Danny's reception and wedding was a Crew classic. Pictured here, a card game in the Holiday Inn where everyone stayed. On the flight there, Geb says the movie was so bad he walked out. However, on the way back he met his future wife at Newark Airport. "She was sniffing bags for Customs," says Geb.

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Christmas 1979 at the Snedley Brother's house on Atno Ave. in Morristown. Among the revelers are Matt, Joanna, Jack, Claudia, Pablo, Boast, Todd, Chicken, Jacko, Helene, Danny, Janie, Howie, Nancy. Go there.


At the reception after Geb's wedding, August 28, 1982, which was held at the T.A.L. Mansion on Bernardsville Road in Mendham. Matt, Tier, Bag, Rob, Bummer, Harry, Jacko, Howie, Nancy Ming, Jack Bobeng, and Larry Munther were there.

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Christmas 1982 at Tierney's. The broad with Matt is Donna, someone who later married one of Danny's friends, Charles, who also went to USC and now lives in Atlanta.

This photo is at Lisa Salny's house whose father owned Salny Bros. on the green in Morristown. They probably came here after the dinner at Tier's.

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