Harry's send-off party for Tier and Bummer
- Sunday, September 15, 1974 -
Tier and Bummer head for Lubbock, Texas the next day...

Bummer, also known as Bob Allatta, (or vice-versa)
is set with his six-pack of Rheingold beer.

The Geb
Geb...also known as Escriban de los papelos, or Scri
for short, which from Spanish class none of us were
ever any good at, means "Write on the paper," which
Sophia Gracia, the Spanish teacher, was always saying

...Pablo tokes

...while in the basement...
Rob talks to Beth Belote (long brown hair), with or
without the lote (see more photos of the basement)

the black guy is Bernie from MHS high school

Vince and Pepe Freeman - run mouse cursor
over photo
to see shot of Howie and Prof

Prof (with beer in hand) was from Butterworth, and
called that, as it was short for Professor, which he was.

While in the Schneider garage ... Rob, Joe Brady, Buddy Murphy and Bummer above
This picture photo-shopped to hide the pot pipe Rob was toking on.

left to right: Pablo, Hogie, Peggy (Humphrey), Rob, Harry, Geb, Clete (Paul Denz), Howie,
(Brian) Carter, Tier, Kim Boetcher, Lynn Ryan, Prof (Rick Slavin)
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