Young Matt

Matt plans to fill plastic water jug with beer.
Danny is to his right, Nancy Ming to his left.

At Harry and Bag's
summer '75 keg party

Hear Matt's comment
about Mike Buckley

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ting system can't play the
audio file.

At the Jersey shore, summer '75, enjoying typical Joisey weather (different story at night though)

Keeping warm with sleeping bags midday afternoon
(You know it's going to be a lousy day at the
beach when you've got to wear sleeping bags).

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Hear Matt
(or click here to read his comment)

In the Varmit's garage (some time during 1979)

Matt works cheerfully on Harry's Celica after damage sustained when Harry... well, never mind.

Matt at the Schneider's house - late spring/early summer 1978
(Look at the injury on Matt's right hand)

Matt has a Dirty Harry question to ask you. As well as another one.