Feather (Bones, Jimbo) at Villanova University

Read a 1974
letter from
Feather to
Danny Gross

Photos taken by Harry when he went to visit him there (Jim's sophmore year?)

At Tierney's - summer '74

With Liz and Julie - this is a day or two
either right before or after the canoe trip
Canoe trip - summer '74

Feather is playing the oar paddle to Bachman
Turner Overdrive's "Takin care of Business"
Bag, Tier, Rob, both Feathers, Hogie & Harry

Hear a comment from Hogie (or read it)

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of the Bi-

(or return to
the Tour of
Years 1976)

* * At the Bicentennial in Philly - July 4th (Sunday), 1976 * *
* * sitting on the wall, drinking grain alcohol * *

Hogie sleeps on a park bench.
Notice T in background.
* * and singing 'God Bless America' * *

Hear a benchwarming comment from Hogie
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audio files, click here to read them.

At Howie's wedding (8-13-77)
- Hear Feather (or read it) -

Right: Feather and Bogie (Doug Wakefield) the
night before at Jack Kramer's bachelor party
Below: Bogie points out at the reception how
Feather is starting to thin out a little on top

Howie picks next-door neighbor Feather as one of his ushers

At Mardi Gras '76

Cut was extremely drunk here, and wanted to take his pants off, but Feather urges him to show a little restraint.

See modern-day Feather
at Odge's re-marriage
(and yes, he is now a cueball)

Read about Feather's trip with Tier,
Bag & Bob Roast to Juarez, Mexico

Revolutionary War hero descendants?
Brother Mike Featherstone ...

Left: Mike Feather was also at the Bicentennial

Below: MF and his amazing frisbee on a warm
December day in 1979 in front of the Gross' house.

See a shot of Mike during the race riots at Morristown
High School here, (he's in the back, looking directly
past the cop)
For those who haven't heard, Mike has written three novels, Alaskan Red; Brazilian Saints, Manhattan Mortals; and his latest, A Manhatten Murder in the Bay of All Saints.

Book Description
Alaskan Red
Anchorage private eye Mark Osborn hasn't had a drink for years, but a missing persons case in Fairbanks could change all that. Redheads, park rangers, federal agents and low-life thugs are only some of the dangers that make up the gauntlet Mark must run to solve the case and put his own private demons to rest.

You can check out either of Mike's first novels (make that Michael, as his writing name is Michael Featherstone, not Mike Featherstone) at iuniverse.com. On the Bookstore tab on the menu, type in either the auhor name or the name of either of his two novels in the search box to bring them up.

To whet your whistle or, if you're too cheap to actually buy his book like some of us are, you can read a few pages by clicking here. And if you like what you read and are still too cheap to buy his book, you can read it in its entirety on-line at iuniverse.com (someone should tell him about this). Just remember that Mike's wife and two kids will appreciate your financial help so they won't have to visit the soup kitchens as often.

Book Description
Brazilian Saints, Manhattan Mortals is a Manhattan murder mystery with a Brazilian flavor that jolts you like a strong cup of coffee.

A Brazilian female jogger is found murdered in Central Park. The police investigation is stymied by a lack of evidence and is going nowhere. Enter Mike Breza, private detective and bartender at the White Horse Tavern. Hired to lend a hand by the murdered woman's boyfriend, who also happens to be his brother, Mike finds himself paired up with a friend of the victim's family, Anjo Denovo, as he begins his investigation. With the help and hindrance of Anjo, as well as a cast of characters including the best panhandler in Manhattan, a hard-boiled ex-NYPD detective, vicious drug dealers and even more vicious bankers, Mike finds himself so deeply drawn into the case it takes almost a miracle to get him out alive.

Book Description
A Manhattan Mortal in the Bay of All Saints

Private detective-cum-bartender Mike Breza is called upon by his old friend, Anjo Denovo, to travel to Brazil to help investigate a series of grisly murders in the city of Salvador in the northeastern state of Bahia. A surprise family connection turns the Denovo/Breza investigative team into a threesome contending with linguistic and cultural ignorance, imported evil, home-grown physical violence, and lethal bureaucracy to resolve questions whose answers might be better left unspoken. MIracles are in short supply, even in The Bay of All Saints.