In the Schneider basement  (year unknown, but probably early 70's)

Tier & Lance do something (eat marshmellows?)
while Bag's chemistry lab is just to the right.    

Remember Bag's chemistry lab?

Hold your mouse over Bag's experiment
to see what happens.

Bag's unsuccessful nitroglycerin experiment.
Decides to make some simpler H2SO4 acid
(which is sulfuric acid).

Does anyone think Bag is analogous to Doc
  Emmett Brown in Back to the Future?

The Schneider basement was also used for target practice with Bag's CO2 pellet gun, in that Christmas tree ball ornaments were hung on the hanging light bulb string near where Tier is standing, then swung, while we attempted to shoot the bulb from the other side of the basement. Moreover, once when Geb & Bag were playing Joe Mannix near Jack Kramer's house, Bag shot out Geb's front tooth with the pellet gun. Geb, however, told his mother he broke it when he fell down running somewhere. Mrs. Gebhardt wanted to know where, so Geb said it happened on Wedgewood Lane, where she subsequently took him to look for said tooth. They never found it.

Once Bag's CO2 cartridges were used up, he would saw off the necks, fill them with either match heads or gunpowder, attach a fuse, where they were then ready to drop down a sewer or for placement in a mailbox.

Also residing in the basement ...

Whatever happened to Beau? Good ol' Beau.

Beau says, 'Get out of my bed, Bag!
the poster on Bag's bedroom wall
See more of them thar Schneider boys      Bag and Harry
(who were also known as the Snedley brothers)