Cut prepares a banner in his and T's
apartment before leaving for the Gras.
1975 - pg. 1 of 3

The crew makes it to Mardi Gras: Terry, Boast, Tier,
Bag, Howie, Jacko, Cut & Pani
(Butterworth). Hear Tier.
Read his comment if you can't play the audio file.

We meet a street scum named "Snake"
(whom everybody flips off as he drinks from a cheap bottle
of wine. Run mouse cursor over above pic to see "Catz,"
another similar loser we met that night at the campsite.)
Mardi GrasNew Orleans, LA.Feb. 6 - 11

Hear Rob or read his comment
(sporting a Bourbon Street t-shirt he's just bought)

Building a pyramid (above)
From left to right in below pic,
here's who made Mardi Gras '75...

  • Bill Trapani or 'Pani'
    (from Butterworth)
  • Sage Banyan
  • Horace Debucey
  • Jacko Treeman
  • Howard J. Buford
  • Cut Slice Burn Chew
  • Bag o' Beans
  • Robert Renford Roast
  • Terry Groma

Feeding ducks in Audubon Park (below)

At the top of this page is the van that Jack and Harry took their 4-month cross-country trip in. Leaving Cromwell, their first stop was Vanderbilt University in Nashville to get Bag as well as Bob Roast and Bil Trapani (from Butterworth) who had flown down to Nashville. Then it was on to the Mardi Gras, after which it was back to Nashville to drop off Bag, Roaster and Pani. Then they drove to Florida to see Kim Schophoester and Sarah/Patty Reilly, then to Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama to see Joe Borelli, after which it was on to Lubbock to see Tier and Cut, which was when Tier joined them on their van trip.

As side notes, Kim Schophoester had moved to Florida after marrying Jack McDonald whose father owned McDonald Pontiac in Morristown, Patty Reilly got killed in a bicycle accident at the University of Florida, and Joe Borelli literally drank himself to death when they found his alcohol-poisoned body in his one-bedroom apartment somewhere in Pennslyvania.