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To: Gonky Groma
University of South Carolina
Box 81744
Columbia, S.C. 29208

Jim Featherstone
Box 3113 Kennedy Hall
Villanova University
Villanova, PA 19085
Danny, Dan, Gonkie, Gonad, D.J.,

This my dear friend is the one and only Villanova Flash. I'm writing in response to the many letters you've sent me. We're you the first in the family to walk upright?

I just got a letter from your honorable brother. He tells me that your one and only love Elaine has been playing games while you're away. Do you think it might have something to do with the fact you're in South Carolina and a jerk to top it off? Never fear D.J. Lay the other dude's name on me and I'll scoot home and pay a social visit.

Hey brother.* How's the frat life? I understand you really love it; it's my educated guess that it's a Jewish fraternity. Phi Zappa Krapa? What is the name of it? Frats aren't very big here at V.U. There's usually something going on without having to resort to drastic measures, meaning the rosy palm. Usually there is a beer bash or a concert in Philly. I'm going to see Elton John on Dec. 1, and Loggins and Messina with Earl Scruggs on November 1st. I'm taking a girl I've been dating regularly. Her name is Karen Reeves. Everything is working out real smooth.

Fill me in on the life style at South C. U. I've got an application from them and I'm waiting for the inside information. Co-ed dorms, dope, drinking - lastly: courses, teachers, weather, can I have a car, motorcycle. Give me the scoop on yourself. I hear you start defense in intramural football, give me a response or else.

_  Feather

I know this was short, but others will follow.

* Isn't that what fraternity people call each other or is it the blacks.

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