At the University of South Carolina
(Danny Dew Drop Inn, Gonkie, Gonad, Gonky to Gonads, Dig, D.J.)

Danny sits out another game
(His favorite sport was cards)

Puffing on, uncharacteristically, a cigarette
(Wishes he had a joint, though)

Early ZBT days
(That's a gerbil on his hand)

On our way to Columbia, S.C.
Interstate 20: March 24, Wednesday, 1976

Read Crew letters
written to GONKY
while at USC ...
a) Feather 1974
b) Matt 1975
c) Tier 1976

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right: on the USC campus
Tier, Cut and Harry visit
Danny, March 25, 1976,
after visiting Brother Dave
in Milledgeville, Georgia,
which is where they went
after the Mardi Gras.

Outside the ZBT fraternity house
In Boston, summer '79
(Visiting Danny during his Honeywell training program)

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Danny enjoys dinner while contemplating the
benefits of an all-expense-paid training program

At Howie's wedding, August 13, 1977

What is it with the shirt collars? (Matt
sports his "I need to punch someone"
look. And by the size of the ring on his
finger, you wouldn't be quick to get up.)
And who does the Varmit remind you
more of, the The Thing or the Hulk?
Mouseover photo to see said resem-
            Danny at his October '79 wedding
            Run cursor over above flashing blue
            lines to see enlargement of this photo

              (Janie's father Newt on his left
              Danny's mother June on his right)
Would you trust that smile and
buy a used car from this man?

(Photo taken summer/fall 1979 at
Harry/Bag's house on Atno Ave).

In the hotel room (Holiday Inn) at Danny's wedding

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