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Canoe Trip - August '74

The big day is here
(Feather, Bag, Varmit, Wiz, Lance, & Brother Dave who
is behind Lance, while everyone wears their painter hats
from painting houses that summer, under boss Bogie.)

Launch site: waiting for the rest of the Crew to arrive
That's Bogie, Wiz and Lance leaning on Bogie's Duster. We
meet at Smiley's house, the guy who rents the canoes (he was
always smiling), then ride in his van (behind Bogie's Duster) to
put in the river. Our starting/ending points have been forgotten,
though possibly we started at Port Jervis and ended at Smith-
field Beach. Also our longest trip, 4 days/3 nights (see map pg.)
Getting our gear together

Varmit is in foreground (wearing his yellow Isshin
Kempo t-shirt). Clete and Howie are also discernible.

On the river
Lance & Brett in lead canoe w/Dave & Bag coming up strong behind them

Time for a swim

Pit stop
(with Feather, Howie, Wiz, Roast,
Howie, Harry, Hogie, & Tier in photo)

Disaster on the Delaware
- Bummer coming to the rescue -

Can't tell who's in the swamped canoe, but they hit a rock, and the
fact they're wearing water life vests indicates they must be Crew
members who partcipated in less of our more dangerous activities.
Hear a Rob comment or go down river
(If your operating system won't play the audio file, you can read it here)