Jack Kramer hosts Howie's Bachelor party - August 1977

In Jack's backyard - photo taken from the roof by Harry

What else but Howie's favorite, Budweiser
Bogie & Feather show that lables have in-
deed been peeled from their beer bottles
( . . . as was the custom in those days )

Hear Jack's comments (or read them if your operating system won't play them). Also notice how Lance is drinking from, or pretending to drink from, 2 beer bottles.

In above photo are: Bogie, Tier, Howie, Mr. Finlay, Jack, Hogie, Bummer, Bag, Harry, Jack Bobeng, Matt, Feather, Geb, Boast, Lance.
As a sidenote, the shirt that Harry is wearing as of 2020 still hangs in his closet.

The groom and bride's fathers were there, Mr. Finlay/Mr. Ming
Run mouse cursor over photo to see Mr. Tierney/Mr. Schneider

That's supposed to be a corvette on Howie's cake. Howie was the first in the Crew to get
(as well as the first to have a corvette).

Tier is actually holding a swig when Harry
pulls out the camera and says "Hold it!"

What else but Cromwell booze, as Rob, Hogie & Bag pose
behind bottles of Cromwell Gin, Blended Whiskey & Vodka
Run your cursor over above photo.
to see more of Jack

Hear Jack Bobeng, Hogie and Rob
on watching ancient smut films,   
or read them if you can't play them.

(Notice how Geb, Howie, Lance & Jack seem mildly disinter-
ested, while the opposite is true for Bum, Feather & Jack B.)

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Were you a  

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shall remain unsaid.
Hear Jerry Seinfeld
on getting married.
We pile into Larry Munther's pickup truck, head into NYC and ...

Later that night
in NYC ...

Bag, Jack Bobeng and Hogie
can give you the best-forgotten
details on what happened, all
of whom, among others, piled
into Larry Munther's pick-up
truck, headed into NYC and...