Early Geb Later Geb

Little Gipper
(in the 8th grade)
Mrs. Gebhardt
took this photo

At the pool
(Geb still has this sweatshirt,
which he proudly still wears to
the Cromwell 4th of July picnic).
A 1972 photo. See another shot.

At Lake George - '76
(wearing Harry's Bud hat,
which blew off his head
while cutting the grass at
St. Elizabeth and got run
over by the gang mowers)

At Danny's wedding - Oct. '79
(in the Greenville, S.C. airport, where the movie on the flight down
was so bad that he walked out - yuk! yuk! Run mouse cursor
over photo
to see another shot of Geb getting off the plane)

Geb's parents, who moved to Cromwell in the early 1960s, (read story) finally sold their house in 2004 and moved to a new location in Randolph. Geb's father died 6/12/13. Read his obit here Geb's mother passed away 10/24/18. Read her obit here.