Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1974 (pg. 1) - Around Morristown

Lynn Ryan and Joe Brady
(though neither lived in Butterworth)

Vince Borelli and Allen Frenzle

Vince has Mac in a bear hug
(make that beer hug)

Photo by Harry from rooftop. Bag is next to
Kim Boettcher; behind her, one of the Borelli
brothers. Tier has a Budweiser in his hand.

Karen Kantrowitz
(doesn't want her picture taken)

Brent Romberger and Larry Munther
(the Farm Boys lived off Washington Valley Rd.)

Nancy Ming and Howie
(John Schneider and Jane Hough also in photo)

Doug Wakefield and Tom Tierney
Tier drove back from college with
Terry. Read T's diary account & here

(look at those horse teeth on Bogie)

Buddy Murphy
(Murph married Kim Boettcher)
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