Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1977 (pg. 1) - the Crew's last Mardi Gras  Feb. 17 - 22

Brother Dave's friend from Milledgeville, Jackie,
paints a "Flying Again Snoopy" on Harry's back.
Desi, Tier, Dave and Roastie gawk from sidelines.
Run mouse cursor over photo to see a close-up.

Notice Harry's BMW in background, which met its end
in Dacula, MA., when he let Robert drive it home from
some bar & some lady with green teeth broadsided him.

Once again in Audobon Park with much beer to con-
sume. Tier, in fact, brought upwards of five cases.  

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Afternoon nap on the banks of the Mississippi River

Brother Dave's friend from Milledgeville, GA,
Jackie Van Aucken, & Bag are camera ready
At Lake Swartswood (summer '77)
Bogie's parents had a rental or vacation house there

This was either a pre or post Howie/Nancy wedding
celebration (So why is Nancy missing from picture?)
... Matt, Lance, Hogie, Jack, Helene, Bogie, Howie, Rob, Tier, Bag

We spent the night. Breakfast was good.

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