The Allattas move from Terry Drive
... to Mendham - Summer (August) of 1976
'We couldn't have done it without the beer.'   -  Pablo
'Could I have one of those beers?'   -  Bummer
Lance, Dave, Feather, Tier, Harry, Desi, and Vince Borelli are among the helpers
Unknown whose car that is that Vince is leaning on. Also, that is one of Vince's brothers in
the driver's seat. And looks like we're more interested in drinking beer than moving furniture.

Summer, 1976

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... where BOB &
are working

... and other Terry Drivers

Hogie keeps his babies clean
Move your mouse cursor over above photo to see the 1934
Ford that Hogie got in 2002 and keeps in his garage now.

Click to watch/hear the very apropos Hot Rod Lincoln
by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen

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At Hogie's house, 1999
- washing his cadillacs -

See more of Hogie from summer 1999

And don't forget Bob Roast, who also lived on Terry Drive
(but painted this
house on Chimney
Ridge Drive in
or Doug Wakefield, who now lives near Norwood, Co.
(also known as "Face")
...because we thought he had an ugly one

Bogie (left) with Feather (right) at Howie's bachelor party.   Go there.