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1979 (pg. 1) - Summer Outings in Boston and on Atno Ave.

Danny charges a Crew meal to his Honeywell training program, when Matt & Harry come to visit him along with Boast (who's transferred from Rt. 10 Tech, aka Morris County College, to Curry College, but is off for summer). Terry says the all-expense paid Honeywell training program, with its unlimited food budget, was "where it all began" for Danny. Notice view of Boston from window.

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Danny and Matt in the hotel room

Bag handles the famous drugpipe peculiarity,
whose origin and whereabouts remain unknown.
(Wouldn't his kids love to see this picture. This shot
taken on Atno Avenue, same as the two below).

A summer evening on Bag & Harry's Atno Ave. porch...

where Danny, presumably trying to impress someone,
wears his Honeywell 3-piece suit.
Danny's wedding, October 20 - 21, 1979 (Saturday/Sunday)

Bag's poker face indicates he has nothing.
(Notice the bills wedged between the two tables as part of the pot)

Rob's poker-face wink indicates the opposite.
(But Geb's look indicates he has shit).

The game goes on and the pot builds.

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Mr. T and Mr. S. have never played Crew
cards before, much to the latter's chagrin.
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