The Crew's First Canoe Trip
August 16-17, 1971
The Delaware River
Dingmans Ferry, PA. to Easton/Phillipsburg (50 miles)
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Watch a very good 9˝ minute video about Dingmans Ferry Bridge, which aired on the CBS Morning News. Make sure your
speakers are on. Then see more videos about Dingmans Ferry Bridge (the one with 3 women is good or you can click here).

On this canoe trip: Mickey, Bag, Harry, Odge, Dave, Rob, Bogie, Cut, Lance, Tier, Bummer, Paul, Matt (and more but can't tell who)

Tier and Mick face the camera. Is Bag bored or just asleep? Dave behind and to the left of him.

This photo and the one below are rather boring, as Harry's father took
them, wanting to get him in the shot; everything else notwithstanding.

That's Mrs. Allatta in the background, one of the other drivers there (didn't have a camera evidently).

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    June 1972 (the summer following this canoe trip) - No photos are available from this "pneumonia" canoe trip (Skinner's Falls, NY - Dingmans Ferry, PA) due to Hurricane Agnes. Coasting into Port Jervis, NY, 20 guys slept in 2 hotel rooms one rain-soaked night. It was also on this trip that Tier's short-wave radio stopped functioning when his and Geb's canoe got swamped at Skinner's Falls.
    Read an USA Today article from June 22, 2002 about Hurricane Agnes.

    Excerpts from Tier's Diary -  August 17, 1971 (a Tuesday)

    The raccoon came, took Dave's dinner. Dave, Boob and Harry stepped in shit (not known whose or its). Dave and Harry chopped down a tree at 4:00 A.M. in the morning for firewood.

    Last night we attacked the girls. Robert used his reverse beam (on his flashlight) to scare them back.

    Tier and Rob went swimming Jungle Jim when the girls left (that means nude). They sneaked up on the canoes and swam under the canoe. We played Joe Mannix.
    • Odge threw bacon at John's head.
    • "When you got a 6'2" frame you gotta move around" - Lloyd
    • "I got some Anacin that I'm not going to get" - Harry
    • Dave was freezing last night.
    Odge tried to cook an egg but couldn't get it out of the pan (no butter). He tipped it over.

    Bummer: "Did anyone bring a hachet?"
    Dave: "I've got one."
    Bag: "That's too big for a hachet. It's more like an axe."
    Bummer: "Let's just call it a hax. May I have the hax please?"

    Tier writes the following: I believe our first canoe trips were “day trips” from Dingmans Ferry to Bushkill Falls. Bushkill Falls is where the famous “group photo” was taken. I don’t know how many summers we went on day trips before we graduated to overnight trips. Perhaps only one. There was a camping area that we referred to as the “first camp site”. That is where we “reversed beamed“ and "porpoised” the girl scouts. Also, the 1st camp site is where some creature came to our camp and opened up our coolers and ate for free. I do remember that there was a abandoned camp deep in the woods. I would say that the 1st campsite is probably near Smithfield Beach, or between Bushkill and Smithfield Beach (see the Map Page). I know one time we camped near Portland/Columbia when someone stole a watch (Harry?) in Portland. One time we camped by Worthington State Park by the Delaware Water Gap. This is where Howie stole and ate Bogie's T-Bone steak. Bogie cried out: "I was going to give him the Bone, but he took the T!" Another time we camped by a Power Plant when the bees invaded our campsite. I think another time we camped in Belvidere. I remember two girls that Kracko picked up. We also camped on “Dildo Island” in Easton which marked the end point of that trip.

    Hogie's older brother, who lived in Dingmans Ferry, died July 8th, and his obituary was printed in the Daily Record, which is printed below.

    Vincent P. Hogan, 60, of Dingmans Ferry, PA, passed away Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at Saint Clares Hospital, Dover, following a long illness. Resident of Dingmans Ferry since 1988, formerly of Morristown most of his life. He served in the U.S. Army in the Korean War. He was a self-employed Carpenter-Trimmer. Survived by his wife Nancy; son Robert J. at home; grandson Caleb; his mother Agnes Hogan of Morristown; two brothers Dennis of Mahwah and Larry of Morristown and his sister Diane Loughman of Convent Station. Predeceased by his brother Robert. Memorial Visitation Sunday, July 25th, 2010, 12 Noon - 2 PM at Tuttle Funeral Home, 272 State Route 10 West, Randolph. In lieu of flowers, donations are requested in his memory to Family House, 123 University Place Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.