More Photos of Terry - Groma, Terrence Aloysius
At Terry's school, Washington University, St. Louis
Thanksgiving 1973 - Front row: Terry, Bag, Tier
Back row: Joe Borelli, Bummer, Horace, Roastie

If you're wondering what Bag is doing,
who is sitting between Tier & Terry front row,
he is separating the seeds from the rest of the pot.

At Uncle Fred's house in Pensacola - Summer 1976
(where Harry jumped from the balcony into the pool)
At Danny's wedding, October '79, Spartanburg, S.C.

Holly is now an attorney because Uncle Fred told her to

In the hotel room with Bag, Desi and Brother Dave
(looks like a Holiday Inn because of the towel)

or more of Danny's wedding

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Who me? Ho$t a card game?

Danny's look says it all ... 'What can you tell me'

Pretty sister Paula, enjoying a white wine spritzer,
as she talks with Brad Siegel, whom she was da-
ting at the time and who later became president
of the entertainment division of Turner Networks
in Atlanta from 1999 to 2003. More about
Or see a pop-up photo of here
at her 40th highschool reunion.