Brother Dave's Canoe and Kayak Rentals and Guided Tour Business

The latest on Brother Dave is that he and a couple of business partners own a bicycle shop where they also sell and rent boats. During the summer of 2009 they started doing guided tours. Below are photos from their maiden voyage on the Oconee River. Halfway down this page there is a diagram of where this is in Georgia. Don't forget this job is in addition to Dave's regular job, whereas June 30th 2011, he will be retiring. Dave says "that the old canoe trips must have stuck with me, because in the past 20 years I must have probably paddled 1,000 miles of river in GA, NC, and FL. Maybe a Cromwell reunion on the river one day."
Here's the link to Dave's web site.

Here is Brother Dave in the above and below photos. Mouseover the above photo to see a closeup.

Brings back memories of the Delaware River, says Dave.

Wonder if these folks know how to get to D Island from here.

Dave's first trip in his new business
was on the Oconee River pictured left.

Below is Dave from Christmas 2010

Dave and Kathy

Dave in his bike shop