Saturday, July 3rd, 2004 at Paul's house in Chester 

Pablo with his old neighbor, Hughie, from Randolph, when he and Peg
first got married. Pablo looks a little tired from organizing this gala event.

Paul and Peggy's 10th Annual
July 4th Picnic Celebration
(which was held on July 3rd)

Remember Peter Palestri? Now owns a garden center.

This is Paul's brother-in-law, Ed, who is drinking a Bud Light. 
Note the American flag bandanna wrapped around Paul's head.

Right: Jacko with his 13 year-old son Kyle

Right: The young 'uns play a game of volleyball. One of them is Pablo's son Brendan.
Below: Teens of the parents were also there.

The Palestri's 15 year-old daughter (blonde) could pass for 18 or 19.

Paul's friend, Steve Pelletieri, pitches a game of horse-
shoes with a brother-in-law's brother-in-law named Rich.

Jacko talks with Pete Palestri

Pablo's wife, Peggy, co-
organizer of the gala event

Paul's 4th of July
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