The Field
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This is a game from the summer of 1978. On the bench, from left to right, is: Bummer, Bag, Odge, Matt, Desi,
then Tier's little sister Liz. Howie is on the ground. Tier, in the white shirt & blue jeans, is walking toward the
camera. His little brother Richard could be behind him, although not sure, then Mr. Tierney is behind Richard,
who looks like he's on a cell phone, although they haven't been invented yet. And behind him is Mrs. Tierney.

Hear a comment from Tier. And
this is a lot of beer for one game.

Those coolers are filled with adult beverages. Sitting
on the bench are Jacko, Helene and Bummer. That's
Odge wearing his stetson, and Bag holding the beer.

Tier heads for home, as Bag waits for throw to catch him

Notice Schlitz beer truck in background. Who's he delivering to and how much? (Midnight raiders want to know).

Listen to comments from Bag
and Paul or read them above.

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View of the Cromwell field, end-to-end, taken mid-1970s from roof of pool office.
Notice sewage treatment house (yellow up arrow) near basketball court, which is no longer there.

View of the Cromwell field taken around 2009