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Mardi Gras '76 - Thursday Feb. 26 - Fat Tuesday, March 2, 1976
Audobon Park - New Orleans, Louisiana
Cut, Harry, Odge, Tier, Bag, Terry, Feather, Brother Dave

Read a letter from Tier to Danny urging him to come to the Mardi Gras. Then try a jigsaw puzzle
of the photo at the bottom of this page.
- Cut, Harry, Odge, Tier, Bag, and Terry are pictured here -

Harry and Bag

Right: Bag, Terry, friends of Dave & Terry, Tier, Cut, Feather, and Harry, who finds that trying to study while at the Mardi Gras doesn't exactly work. That's Goethe's Faust he's trying to read.

Hear Feather's comments Part 1 Part 2
(or read them if you can't play the audio files)
Harry is reading Goethe's Faust for class
Terry and Cut play a little frisbee

Cut and Sarah

Terry, Odge & T go for a boat ride

See more of Audobon Park (pg. 2) or try the puzzle below