July 4th, 2005 at Paul's house in Chester 

Pablo hosts his annual July 4th party.

Right: Peggy with her Mom (left)
& her Mom's friend (right)

Paul and Peggy's 11th Annual
July 4th Picnic Celebration

This is Hogie's Corvarado, a half Corvette, half El Dorado.
Paul's not sure where Hoag got the car, probably e-bay.
Click here to see a video that Peggy's Mom will relate to.

Paul's sister-in-law Amy with her little girl Ava on the left, Christina her other daughter in the middle, and Paul's daughter Kaylee on the right.

Paul says this picture does not do not justice to the number of people that were there: 30 kids and close to 50 adults.

Peggy is drinking one of Pablo's specials: half ice-tea, half lemonade. (She probably would rather be drinking a Long Island Tea).

This is Paul and Peggy's close friend, Kathi Weigly.

Paul's brother-in-law John (left) and his nephew Kevin (middle). He has no clue what they were talking about, probably women.

Paul's 4th of July
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