Butterworth Women* - where are they now?


Three babes and a canal
(Photo taken by Jacko during their trip to Florida, July 2001)

Does anybody think that Beth's kid looks like McCaulkey Caulkin? (Home Alone) and that her daughters are foxes? Beth looks pretty good, too.

Beth Jennings Alter: Remember Beth ("chicken")? Check her out now with her family pictured upper right. Beth dated Vince for a short while after their 20th high school reunion. Beth, divorced, lives in Miami, Florida.

Peggy Humphrey Kenny: Peggy moved from Morristown in 1985 when she married her husband Tim, who at the time was an officer in the USMC. They did stints in Virginia and Hawaii before moving to Cape Coral, Florida, where Tim teaches 7th grade science and Peggy works part time at a pediatric clinic. They've got a real smart 14 year-old kid, too (all of this is as of 2001). Peggy also says that Meryl Forbes was married to Tim's brother, but they divorced and Meryl is now in Colorado. Jane Hough married an engineer who works for Exxon and they lived in London and Singapore for many years but now live in Texas.

Helene Freeman Kramer: Helene, as you know, married Jack. Well, there's no accounting for taste. Sorry Jack.

* Actually only Helene was from Butterworth.

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Yes, the kid looks like McCaulkey Caulkin
No, because I've never seen Home Alone
I want Beth and/or her daughters' phone #s

Peggy with drinking companion Beth Belote
at the Library in Morris Plains. Those are
the hands of Paul Denz that she's grasping.
See a pop-up list of all the bars we went to.

Peggy with Clete, Beth Belote & Boast in McNair's backyard,
1974. This evening started at Clete's house, then ended here,
as Clete & Rob are wearing the same clothes in both photos.

1974 - at Butterworth field: the Butterworth men and women (and others)
Rob Roast is also in picture, combing hair. See more from this day.

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  • Peggy Humphrey (Peggy is fixing her bra in case you're wondering)
  • Kim Boetcher
  • Lynn Ryan
  • Vince Borelli
  • Beth Belote (with or without the lote)
  • Tommy Denman
  • Stan Borelli
  • Carter
  • Paul Denz (whatever happened to Clete? See below.)
  • Pepe Freeman
  • unknown who this is beside Pepe
  • Robert Roast, who is combing his hair
  • Jamie ______ (forgot last name). Jack K. says it's Barbon.
  • can't make out who this is sitting behind Kim

More Butterworth ...

Believe it or not, this is Bill Trapani, who now has achieved a significant amount of respect on the entertainment circuit in South Florida as a contemporary original jazz/pop/rock musician and singer/songwriter to boot. His one-man show produces the sound of a six-piece band. Pani calls himself Billy Bones now. Check out his web site (which is maintained by Joe Breitenbach).

That's his wife, Kerri, to the right, whom he calls a "babe."


I just ran into Bill Trapani (Billy Bones) at a place in Stuart, Florida. I went into Wahoo's for a drink with a friend of mine and he was doing his thing. He plays the sax, clarinet, flute, and sings and is really quite good. What a blast from the past. He had no idea who I was until I told him. Incredible.

(from an e-mail dated 8/22/10)

And still more Butterworth ... Paul Denz, aka Clete, is now President of Northside Development, Company, which is located in New Haven, CT. A link to his web site appears down below his photos.

This is from the Aug. '74 canoe trip

This shot and the one next to it are from the Sept. '74 send-off party for Tier & Bummer at Schneider's. Photo at far right is at Clete's house, where we later ended up at McNair's (next row down, 1st pic)

This is some time in 1974 in McNair's
backyard, and a close-up of photo above Butterworth field photo.

At the Final Exam some time before Sept. '74, since Tier is in photo, or maybe at Christmas, when he came home.

This is at a Thanksgiving '74 party at Schneider's.

This photo taken at Dirty Jims on Whippany Road, also known as the Knotty Pine, some time during 1974. Clete is undoubtedly probably talking to Peggy on the phone. Nancy looks like she is studying her pretzel, while, to her left, Mel (Lynn Ryan), stares off into the distance, presumably with nothing on her mind except Vince.

With Peggy at Roberta Truppi's New Year's Eve party, December 31st, 1974 (more photos of this party can be seen here). Run mouse cursor over photo to see their Prom picture.

Clete works on his Camaro outside his house in Butterworth.
At Steve McNair's New Year's Eve party, December 31st, 1975.
Among the attendees: Matt, Rob, Tony Pross, Clete, Helene Freeman, Jane Hough, Steve Keen, Bill Trapani,
Burton Berger, Feather, Tier, Howie, Peggy, Nancy, Terry, Lance, Bag, Harry, Jacko, and of course the Geb

Here is Paul Denz in January 2009. Check out his company web site in New Haven, CT. and here, too.

Paul thinks the above photo looks too corporate, so here is another one of him in 2006 with his then 25-year-old daughter
Amanda in San Francisco. Run your mouse cursor over photo to see another shot of him in Rome 2007.

If anybody is interested, Butterworth now has their own web site(s). Here is the link:
  • Butterworth Farms

  • Also residing in Butterworth was Barry Stoltze, whose Frelinghuysen and Morristown High School yearbook photos appear below. Barry moved to Atlanta and became a professional voiceover talent, actor, and comedian who worked in plays among other things. In fact, during the mid 1980s, Harry went to an audience-participation play called "Frankie and Angie Get Married," where the cast interacts with the audience as they have dinner. At one point, one cast member comes up to Harry and says, You've come a long way for this play - all the way from Morristown, NJ!" Of course, Harry is dumbfounded, not recognizing Barry until he told him. Barry is still in Atlanta, and you can see/listen to his voice-overs and impressions of Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton among others at his web site. He's also the president of the Atlanta chapter of AFTRA, which stands for American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Here he is in June 2008 doing a plug for them.

    Notes: On Barry's web site, there will be a yellow menu-box on the left. Below this, there will be links to CD Demos and Video Demos. Under Video Demos, you can see him do impersonations of Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, and Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton. But perhaps for his best click on Industrial Video, where about halfway through this video, he does an impersonation of Christopher Lloyd as Doc Emmett Brown from Back to the Future. He's very good.

    From the Frelinghuysen
    1970 Yearbook

    From the Morristown HS
    1973 Yearbook

    From June 2008
    From the Morristown HS
    1973 Yearbook

    Although he didn't actually live in Butterworth, for some reason Dave Ochs is associated with them. Here's what he had to say when Harry looked him up in March 2009.

    Hey Steve,
    Yeah, it's me. Good to hear from you. I hope you're well. What are you doing in Boise?
    I moved to a suburb of Phoenix last year (2008). Company transfer. Nice to get out of the cold and snow of Chicago.
    Anyway, I like to golf, travel and drink. I really like the Cromwell Crew site. Overall, I have good memories of high school and Morristown. Was it something in the water but you guys from Cromwell were nuts. Anyway, that was a long time ago. Kind of interesting how things turned out. After high school, I did 4 years at the University of Hartford. Then joined my family in a suburb of Chicago for 2 years before moving to LA area. Lived there 16 years, got married, had a son. Then moved back to IL in 1994. Lived in suburb of IL for 14 years until last year when company I now work for offered to relocate me to AZ. Hey, no more snow and cold. Golf all year. Took about 5 minutes for us to accept offer.
    At the end of the day, I guess it is what it is......

    Dave also posted this on the Cromwell Crew Message Board back in April 2003 after the MHS 30-year reunion.
    I figured the cops probably have forgotten about me so I decided to return to Mo town for the 30 year reunion. It was good. Really enjoyed seeing and talking to some of the guys from Cromwell Estates (Steve, Geb, Jack, Howie, etc.). Glad to hear most of you all are still kicking. Anyway, stay cool and have a good time.
    NOTE: Went driving around my old neighberhood (Skyline Drive) with Lou Sharp on Sunday. Some asshole called the cops. They thought we were robbers or something and that we were casing the neighborhood.

    If you want to see what Bill Trapani looked like in high school, click here to see his Morristown High School yearbook photo.