Colonial Drive Block Party

The year for this Colonial Drive block party is either 1968 or 1969, and the date is probably July 4th, because of the flag flying on the house in the background, which is the Sandelands. However, the Sandelands hadn't yet moved in, and the current residents were actually the Lesnicks. In fact, that's Joyce Lesnick sitting at the table looking up at Matt Sitter in the yellow shirt, who lived across from them (Sitter house pictured below). But the Lesnicks divorced, and sold the house to the Sandelands, who moved in during the summer of 1970. The Sandelands, in turn, sold the house to the Schoephoesters in 1982, who had originally lived next door, but moved to the Chicago area in 1976 before returning to buy the Sandelands' house.

Matt Sitter, looking down and stroking his chin with a clenched fist, lived directly across the street from the Lesnicks/Sandelands. That's Mr. Sitter's son, Mark, to his right. Next to him, in the Morristown High School t-shirt, is Kurt Schoephoester, who was either a junior or senior during the summer when this was taken and the reason for the 1968 or 1969 date. That's likely his girfriend next to him. After their spouses died, Mr. Sitter married Mrs. Lotz and moved into her house. Coincidentally enough, Mrs. Lotz' daughter, Cathy, now lives in the Sitter's house. (Incidentally, Julie Wintz, one of the Wintz's daughters and good friends with Cathy and the same age, bought the house from her parents and lives there now, which is three houses down from her).

To the right of Mr. Sitter is Lois Federspiel. Notice she looks a little tipsy, probably from the drink in her hand made undoubtedly from the Gilbey's Gin on the table near the red ice chest, not to mention the other booze that's also on the table. Mrs. Schneider is at bottom of picture. Unknown who the woman is holding the little girl dressed in yellow (probably a visiting grandmother), but since the Elmers were the only ones at the time who had little girls, it is most likely one of theirs. That means the man in the striped yellow-and-black shirt must be Doc Elmer. Moreover, if that is the Elmer's girl, then she may be the one that Mr. Schoephoester helped to get a job in Buckingham Palace where she is today.

Notes on the Schoephoesters
Mrs. Schoephoester (Mary) still lives in the Sandelands' house, but Mr. Schoephoester (Bill) had a stroke in Ocober 2006 and died shortly thereafter. During WWII, he was a lieutenant in the Air Corp. (which didn't become the Air Force until 1947; read more here) and here and left as a captain. He was in the 93rd Bomb Group, a squadron headed up by none other than Jimmy Stewart (the famous movie actor), although Bill never met him personally. He was also shot down in his Gremlin's Roost plane over Holland in early February 1944, put on a rail car and sent to a concentration camp in Merseburg, Germany, where he was freed when the Allies won the War in May 1945. General Patton, in fact, came crashing through the gates in his tank.
Nov. 11, 2010: According to Tier, Mrs. Schoephoester moved into an assisted living facility called "Sunrise," which is the old Bayley Ellard High School close to Madison. She had half of one leg removed. Tier's mother is also there.

The Sitter's house is pictured below

As a side note, the price for this house when it was bought was probably in the $30,000 - $35,000 range.
In December 2009, that price was $759,000. In December 2011, it was $412,000. Click here to what it is now.
The two houses to the right of the Sitters' house, seen in the above picture, were the Wilsons and Hearns,
and Cindy Wilson and Susan Hearn's high school pictures can be seen on the 1973 high school page.

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