Brother Dave, Harry & Terry
The sign says 'Dangerous River Warning'
and 'Be Prepared for Accidents'
This is the river that Deliverance (1972) was filmed on.

Hear a comment from Terry Part 1 and Part 2

(or read it if you can't play the audio files)

This is a class IV type rapid. Run your mouse
cursor over photo to see what a class VI is like.
(Hydraulics are formed at the bottom of some rapids. Two weeks be-
fore this trip, the Vice President of the Canoeing Association fell out
and got caught in one. His body still had not come up when we arrived).

Sitting on a tree with Muskrat, our guide
(Harry, Muskrat, Terry; Dave is standing)

See more of a
beautiful model
'neath a waterfall

(another summer of '76
white water adventure)