More Photos of Harry
(also known as Horace Quincy Debucey Jones Killmaster)

Choppin' wood in the backyard (early mid-seventies)

At Disneyworld (1989)
1975 - The Van Trip (see course)



At the San Diego Zoo
Harry jumps fence to knock on turtle's shell

Lubbock stopover to get Tier. Harry looks like a Quaker
with his Quaker beard. Also notice poster on wall, from
August 1974 canoe trip.

This picture is not during the '75 Van Trip, but actually one year later, at Mardi Gras '76.

At the Jersey shore, summer '75 Boston, summer '79, with Matt

Howie, Harry & Clete

We couldn't think of anything more original to write other than 'head'
plus there was a shortage of sticks on the beach that day.

Right: Horace and Matt out on the high
seas somewhere in Boston Bay. Run
mouse over pic
to see another shot.

Harry's motorcycle...before and after the fire, which happened summer 1976
Do a mouseover charred cycle in below photo to see firetrucks that arrived
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Note: Don't ever drain the gas tank on your
motorcycle near the water heater in the base-
ment, lest the gas fumes drift over and are
ignited by the pilot light. Run mouse over
to see subsequent result of said action.

Then read why Bag was 3 days late getting
home from Juarez, Mexico because of this.