Cromwell Crew
  Tour of the Years
1976 (pg. 1) - At the Mardi Gras in New Orleans, La.

Odge belts out a number on his guitar at the campsite.
Harry, Cut and Brother Dave wonder when he will stop.
The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind . And yes,
Odge played and sang that one.

Continue the tour. See more from Mardi Gras '76:
a) Odge   b) Audobon Park   c) visiting Brother Dave
and Danny after the Mardi Gras.

After a heavy night of drinking and waiting on
a trolley, Brother Dave and Bag decide why
not catch a few winks right here next to the
train tracks (but a good inch or so away).

Odge and Cut are in the beginning stage of an all-consuming, no
holds barred drunk, but Odge is a tad further ahead than Cut. To
see how Cut ended up, click here, then scroll to the page bottom.

Please don't spill your beer on Harry's photo album.
(He needs it to this make this web site in the distant future)
Tier and Cut head back to Texas - from the Mardi Gras

Cut asks T what he'd like to hear.
(That poster he's under is from
the movie that came out in 1966).

These 3 photos are in Cut and
T's apartment, some time in 1976.

Unknown what Tier is laughing about (maybe at the hand of cards he has).

This dumpster had "Cut" sprayed on it, so they added "Slice, too"
The full name, though, is Cut, Slice, Burn, Shit, Chew

Busted!!!      May 3rd, 1976
- Party on last day of classes -
"T likes Coors. Cut prefers Lone Star."
(That is what Tier wrote on the back of this picture. That
is a lot of beer to drink when you stop to think about it.
Cut, right, looks plastered. T says "bring on the next box!").

March 25th, 1976

Rob comes to visit Harry at The Univ. of Florida,
which is where he went and where photo taken.
More photos from 1976 or back to 1975

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