... with Tier, Feather, Pablo, and Kraft, who think there's
real reefer in that joint, and so the grabbing hand.
At Harry's summer '75 keg party,
Lance fools everyone by smoking
a fake joint (he actually just holds
it and never even inhales, and all
this joint contained was tobacco).

The Sandelands' house was on Colonial Drive. See a 1968 block party held in front of it by clicking

Bogie points out that Feather is starting to thin out on top
(unknown whose date girl in white dress is, probably Mick's)

At Howie's wedding
- August 13, 1977 -

At Dingman's Ferry - 1971   |   At Lake Swartswood - 1977

This shot from canoe trip of summer of 1971. Unknown who Lance's partner was (Harry?). Waiting to take off in our Kittitany Canoes. See another shot of Lance from the summer of '71 playing volleyball down at the Cromwell pool.

Varmit, Lance, Hogie, Jack, Helene, Bogie, Howie, Rob, Bag, Tier

Never the card player, Lance digs in for more. Lake
Swartswood, aka Swartswood Lake, is in NJ, and this
is the same day as the below Lake Swartswood link.

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