At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas - 1995

The Crew in Las Vegas: Tier, Terry, Geb, Jacko, Harry, John, Rob and the Arab guy is Hamid, a friend of Terry's (who has come in the name of Allah; unknown if he is engaged in jihad). Danny and Hogie also made the trip but aren't in this photo. Trip was made to see the Oscar De La Hoya fight, a WBC light welterwieght from Mexico. Also took a limo out to see the Hoover Dam. Roaster, who got got tired of waiting for Bag and the rent-a-car, went back inside, played a hand or two, and won big. He came outside with his winnings and said "Let's take a limo, boys." The limo had a TV, and Geb was soon watching the Notre Dame football game, but shortly after leaving the hotel, we lost reception. This is the one and only photo of the Crew from 1995. See more from this night at the MGM Grand Casino.

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February 1999 - In the casino and on the bumper car race track
(Rob, Geb, Terry, Harry, Danny, Bag, Hogie and Jacko made the trip).

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