Dave on Weathervane Drive - a.k.a. 'Brother Dave'
Dave now lives in, Milledgeville, Georgia

Outside his house on Weathervane Drive (1974)

Dave cycles by on his BSA

Visiting Dave in Milledgeville, GA - March 1976
Hear Dave talk about his cycles
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  • Part 2
  • and about the Crew
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  • Dave and Paula on a date - at the Gross house

    That's Joanne Bitz in the middle.
    Photo likely taken at Bitz's house.

    - 1973 -
    Bitzo with Claire Bingeman and
    Dave with Paula on prom night

    What was Claire Bingeman thinking to go out with Bitzo...

    This is Micky Dolenz from The Monkeys.
    Does anyone think Bitzo looks like him?