New Year's Eve at Roberta Truppi's - December 31, 1974

Almost there, but Boast's (parents') car breaks down.
(That's Feather, Varmit and Terry pushing the Buick. Photo by Harry)

Tier and Nancy
(Looks like T is drinking a 16 oz. Pabst)

Jack with his hands full (but of what?)
try Kim Boetcher (pronounced Betcher) & Roberta Truppi
(Buddy Murphy married Kim Boettcher, May
2014, in Morristown). See a pop-up of them.

What is Howie saying?

How about: “...'67, cherry red, 427”

Making Mel submit

Clete and Peggy
(The kitchen is always a good place to congregate.
That looks like a bottle of champagne near the sink.)

Left: Vince Borelli and Bummer. Vince is high as a grit. Pépé Freeman and Tony Pross sitting down behind them laughing hysterically about something. Roberta Truppi lived in Morris Plains.

Listen to Auld Lang Syne
- Singer Unknown
- Elvis Presley
- Mariah Carey
- from It's a Wonderful Life

  • Paul Denz
  • Lynn Ryan
  • Tony Pross
  • Bill Trapani
  • Vince Borelli

  • This is
    a beer.

    Looks like
    Vince is
    Mel is
    his you-

    • Bag
    • Debbie Terzian - classmate of Bag's whom he dated for a while
    • Unknown who girl is between Debbie T. and Tony P.
    • Tony Pross
    • Harry, or Horace Debucey
    • Nancy
    • Howie, or Buford J.
    • Bill Trapani
    • Joe Borrelli (may he rest in peace)
    • Bob Allatta
    • Jacko
    • Roberta Truppi - She's the one who's hosting the party
    • Bobby Freeman or “Pépé”
    • Clete (Paul Denz)
    • Feather, or Bones

    And at the stroke of midnight...

    • Terry
    • Terry as Feather & vice versa
    • Vince Borrelli - Notice how Vince is checking out Mel to his left.
    • Tier - T proudly holds a Coors, which he probably brought with him from Texas.
    • Bob Roast - Looks like Rob is saying “mrrgh” or mumbling about something, maybe because there's no beer left except Schlitz.
    • Lynn Ryan - For some reason, was called “Mel” by Vince probably because she  looked like Melvin Levine, whoever that was.
    • Bogie (Doug Wakefield)
    • "Varmit" - Matt helped push Roast's car (his father's green buick) to Berda's party when it conked out in the snow not far from her house.

    New Year's Eve at Steve McNairs's - December 31, 1975

    All of Cromwell and Butterworth in one room (and Geb). Who is in this room? Paul Denz, Peggy Humphrey, Linda Sandelands (and her date) Matt Varnum, Joe Brady, Bill Trapani, Steve Kean, Bob Allatta, Burton Berger, Tom Tierney, Jim Featherstone, Howie Finlay, Nancy Ming, Debbie Terzian. Terry Gross, John Schneider, and more...

    Hear Bag with a comment (or read it here). Go there to see more.

    Is Terry drinking cheap wine? (No, that's Liebfraumilch)

    Clete with Butterworth women
    Helene Freeman & Jane Hough
    ...while downstairs in Mickey's basement

    .. Tier, Bag and Jacko play a little fooseball

    Rob (pointing) hates this picture of himself
    New Year's Eve at Steve McNairs's - December 31, 1976...1977



    Top: Lance, Bogie, Matt, Horace, Jack, Rob, Jack Bobeng, Bag
    Bottom: Hogie, Bob, Howie, Tier, Paul, Geb



    (or read his


    Top: Helene, Mrs. Schneider, Nancy, Mrs. Tierney, ???, Barbara Gebhardt (?)
    Bottom: Joanne, Debbie Terzian, Louise Utzinger, ???, Sally Utzinger

    the Schneiders
    and Tierneys


    • Sarah
    • Cut
    • Bummer
    • Paula
    • Emily - Paula's friend from Washington Univ.
    • Terry (What is Terry passing in his hand that Howie wants no part of?)
    • Helene
    • Joanne
    • Jack B.
    • Bag
    • Tree
    • Howard J. Findelbush
    • Nancy
    • Tier
    • Matthew J. Varmit
    • Who is the yokel betwen Varmit and Roaster or is that Desi?
    • Robert J. Roaster with Todd

    See photos from Christmas/New Year's Eve 1979