The High Chamber

... with High Chamber accessories noted and listed ...

Hear Hogie talk Part 1 and Part 2 or read his comments here.
And don't be fooled for seeing double of Pablo, Hogie and his friend
Larry Dinsmore. It's an early Photoshop technique Harry wanted to try.

  • the sign-in book
  • Hogie's friend, Larry
    Dinsmoore, sits next to Pablo
  • telephone spool used
    as drug table (on it is:
    shell ashtray, Michelob,
    Miller, pack of cigarettes,
    bag of pot)
  • the beer pole: beer labels had
    to be peeled from your beer
    bottle and stuck on it
  • the "K" in Gonk, which was
    written on the wall, was from
    Danny's or Gonky's other
    name, in case you didn't know
  • Next to the K in Gonk, is a
    wall hanger that says "Never
    trust a man that doesn't drink"
  • unknown who passes the joint
    between Hogie and friend
    Larry Dinsmore
  • beer coasters on a string
  • these are all Michelob labels
  • Jimmi Hendrix poster?
  • Paul is holding a bag of dope
  • Michelob bottle on dark green
    thing-a-ma-do end table
  • Hogie holds a joint
  • a Michelob is near Larry Dinsmore
  • curbside chair left out for the
    garbage that we brought in
  • Harry's replacement Bud hat
    (the original blew off his head while
    cutting the grass at St. Elizabeth
    and got run over by the gang
    mowers. A saved shred from it is
    hanging next to the big poster on
    the wall)
  • poster of 3 cowboys on their horses
  • lacquer for the beer pole
  • whatever this is, it's all Leroy kept
    in the garage (can of paint?); next
    to lacquer
  • old TV set
  • Pablo holds a Michelob
  • auditorium chair for additional guest
  • bug catchers hang from ceiling
  • more beer labels
    (under Harry's Bud hat)
"Too stoned. I'm seeing double. Let's go back inside."
No, the fun is just beginning.

All laid out, here is a sampling of beer caps from just some of the beers that were drank in the High Chamber, the labels of which are attached to the beer pole. Try the beer label quiz (Harry got 8 right. Varmit got 10).