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Odge lives in Benbrook, Texas, with his wife Connie and son Bobby (from his first marriage), and has a private practice in neuropsychology in Ft. Worth. Although he's still in Ft. Worth for the moment, the ultimate plan has been to sell the house and move to Stuart, Florida to be near his father who is in declining health. However, since the market is not looking very good, he will wait till Bobby finishes college in 2010. The latest on Odge (as of January 2010) is that he has opened an office in Florida now and goes there for one week each month. Once he fills that, he will start two weeks and so on. He would like to get moved there within two years. Odge made the Atlantic City trip in June, 2001, and as he, Bag, Mick and Harry were walking down the boardwalk on a drizzly Saturday evening, a seagull flying by crapped on his head. At first he thought it was some rain dripping from an awning, until he ran his fingers through his hair. Read about more past Odge. Odge made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in. Read the latest on Odge's business here


Hogie returned home to Terry Drive, after living for several years in Daytona Beach, Florida due to some medical problems (now resolved), as well as to take care of his mother. He is into hot rods, antique cadillacs, attends "Cruise Nights" and does buying and selling of custom cars, mainly old cadillacs (he currently has three and a '34 Ford). Hogie has taken a recent interest in digital photography and the Internet, and had some of his photos published in the September 30, 2003 issue of a new magazine called Ol' Skool Rodz. Read about more past Hogie. Hogie made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, driving in Friday afternoon. The latest on Hogie is that Harry hired him to drive his car from Boise, ID, where he lived, to Atlanta, GA where he lived for a while before returning back to Boise. As of 2/8/12 Hogie's Mom passed away. As of October 2012, Hogie sold his Terry Drive house and moved to Deland, Florida, where he bought a house.


Bob Allatta lives in a small apartment in Mendham, N.J. on some kind of state aid, and has seen better days. Brother Paul can give you more information, or even Jacko who talked a while with him in March 2010. During the summer of '99, though, he had taken an interest in cruise nights and was attending them with Hogie. Bob, however, gave everybody a scare when he suddenly and mysteriously disappeared on a four-week trip to Los Angeles Labor Day 2000. Came back 10/3/00 and went back on proper medication. Bob made the Atlantic City trip in June 2001. See him there.
Paul said that Bob died peaceably on 6/22/20. He had suffered for years, survived 2 strokes, bi-pass surgery, depression, loneliness, dialysis and more.


Cut, now divorced, lives in Austin, Texas, and works for Reddy Ice. Cut found time to visit Odge in May 2009, and to attend Odge's reception when he remarried over the 2000 Labor Day Weekend, as well as the 30th annual New Orleans jazz fest in 2002, which he and Julianne enjoyed very much, even though Cut wasn't allowed on Bourbon Street. If you talk to Cut, be sure to tell him that "Royce Blackwell says hello”. The reason for this, and those of us who went to high school with Cut may attest to, is this. Whenever Royce Blackwell crossed paths with Cut in the hallway, he would punch Cut, always. Tier asked Cut why, and he said, "Because I was white,” to which Tier replied, “But there were a lot of whites.” Cut said, “But I was white white. I had blonde blonde hair, blue eyes, and white white skin." Word on the street is that Cut is NOT making the Crew reunion at Terry's August 25, 2011 because he fell off a truck on Memorial Day and his leg will probably still be in a cast by then. To read the complete e-mail account of the ordeal, click here, and then scroll to the bottom of the page.


Brother Dave lives with his wife Kathy (married since 1982) and son in Georgia, where he is Asst. V. President for Business & Finance for a College (if you want any more details, contact Jacko). This is a new position he was promoted to in mid-August 2004, and while he feels a little lost in it, he says he can still find his way to the beer store. Dave also builds houses for Habitat for Humanity. In January of 2000, he invited Varmit and Harry down for a deer hunting trip. Says Dave, "We didn't kill or even see any deer, but we did kill a lot of beer." The latest on Brother Dave as of December 2009 is that he and a couple of business partners own a bicycle shop in Georgia where they also sell and rent boats. During the summer of 2009 they started doing guided tours, and their maiden voyage was on the Oconee River. Dave says "that the old canoe trips must have stuck with me, because in the past 20 years I must have probably paddled 1,000 miles of river in GA, NC, and FL. Maybe a Cromwell reunion on the river one day." Check it out on the link to the left. Brother Dave made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, driving in with Mick.


Howie still lives in Morris Plains, N.J. with his girlfriend, Sandra, and works for Ming Electric. Howie also has a house down at the Jersey shore now where he goes weekends to drive his very, very fast boat (twin 1,150 hp motors), but is getting tired of the constant upkeep and maintenance. In June 2010, Jacko went with Howie down to the shore to help out. Buford J. said he was making the Atlantic City trip, but we didn't get a cell phone call from him until near midnight Saturday somewhere in AC and by then it was too late. And in '99 Hubo paid for a plane ticket to go to Vegas but bailed out at the last minute because of work. As for the next Crew get-together, you make the call. On a sadder note, Howie's father died in January 2010. Pablo, Jacko and Hoags went to the wake, but no shows from Roaster and Geb. Then in July 2019, Howie's mother died.


Jack Kramer lives with his wife Helene and kids Brian, Kyle and Kaitlyn in Succasunna, N.J.(although Brian now lives in Phoenix where he works for the Phoenix Suns. After Jack worked as a power washer for a company he set up called A Brilliant Solution, which specialized in residential cleaning and wood resoration (i.e. sundecks, siding, fences, brick patios, and as of February 2017 this is what he is currently doing), he next worked for a company called Property Solutions of New Jersey. Jack basically was buying homes in foreclosure, and did this from November 2005 till 2008. Now he has his real estate license and flips houses in run down areas such as East Orange, Irvington and Newark, which he rehabs and sells for a profit. Jack also bought Howie's old truck, and then Howie's brother, Brian, came over to Jack's house to buy Jack's old truck. Jacko is also a karate instructor at the American Center for Martial Arts, where he and his partner during fall 2003 went to Valencia, Spain for a karate awards ceremony. Jack and his partner still do their karate school as a hobby, and they're also both chairpersons of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). They run the karate champioships for the New Jersey AAU. He's currently a 4th degree black belt, which he got in 2008. See the photos at the bottom of this page. Jack made the Atlantic City trip, where Terry begged him for a comped breakfast, seeing as how he had already spent the last of his comped dollars on the rest of the Crew. Read about more past Jacko. Jacko made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in.


Feather lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife Betty Pitchford, and works for a company called Affiliated Computer Services. Prior to that, he was Chief Financial Officer for Hollywood Theaters, which has since moved to Portland, Oregon. Feather, however, decided to take a year off from work and traveled the world until Fall 2000. In Spring 2004, he got together with Odge and Jack Kramer, who came to Texas for some company-related business. Read about more past Feather or read what brother Mike is doing. Mike can't make Terry's August 2011 reunion. Here's what he says in an e-mail to Geb: "Thanks for the invite, but I will be at the Jersey shore with my family and a large cast of hangers-on that week. Have a blast and my best to all." Brother Jim made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion.


Danny lives with his 2nd wife, Debbie, in Atlanta, Georgia, and is a recruiting manager for modis Consulting. In summer 2000, he bought a house near Emory University and had Varmit do the refurbishing and remodeling on it with Jack Bobeng sometimes helping. (Wife Debbie thinks it no coincidence that there are two McDonalds on both sides of the house within two blocks). Gave Steve McNair a house tour when he was in town for a few days in November 2001 for a job-related class at Emory. Danny was planning to move to Missoula, Montana, but these plans have apparently been put aside. This in as of June 20, 2010. Danny has died, passing away quiety in his sleep early Saturday morning after a medical condition. He will be missed by everyone, who have great memories of him. Geb, in fact, says he always had a big smile and a big heart. Jack Bobeng last saw him in April 2010 for the Atlanta Braves home opener. Terry had a memorial service on 6/27. You can read Odge's description of it on the Crew Message Board. Or you can read about it here


Tier lives in San Marcos, Texas, and has two sons, Alexander and Zachary, although he has recently gotten divorced. T also works as a materials manager for a company called National Oilwell Varco in Marble Falls, Texas. The 2 ½ hr. round-trip commute sucks, though. Tier and his then-wife Angela made the trek for Odge's reception. T also says that his brother Rich (or Butch) bought Ward Wry's house in Cromwell. Tier spent Christmas 2001 in Cromwell. He also provides Harry with many of the details for the information and stories on this web site. The latest is that many of the "in" crowd in Cromwell have discovered the Crew web site. Read some of their e-mails to each other about it here. Nov. 11, 2010: According to Tier, Mrs. Schoephoester moved into an assisted living facility called "Sunrise," which is the old Bayey Ellard High School close to Madison. She had half of one leg removed. Tier's mother is also there. Tier made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in. Read the latest on Tier's house on his page. He made a weekend trip there March 1st, 2013 to dig through the ruins of his demolished house for any memorabilia after Hurricane Sandy ripped through Cromwell in October 2012. Tier's father died in March 2018. The latest from Tier as of April 2020: "Zach, the younger one at 25 is interested in the van trip. He has always been into the outdoors and backpacking. Now he is into rock climbing. After graduating from Texas A&M he spent a year in the corporate world. He traveled a lot: Sacramento, Sante Fe, Memphis and India twice. He called it quits after getting assigned to a project that was not a challenge, so he parted ways. He will probably head to New Mexico to concentrate on rock climbing." Tier's youngest sister Liz died in early September 2020. The support condolences from Crew members was simply overwhelming.


Rob lives with his wife Todd and kids Casey, Davis and Dillan in Randolph, N.J., where he works as a stock broker for Morgan Stanley. He says don't call him, though, if you've lost money (it's not his fault, but the Taliban's). Rob and his cousin went to Las Vegas in October 2004, where they rented Harleys to drive to the Grand Canyon as well as Zion Nat'l Park, Bryce Nat'l Park and Lake Powell in Utah. Roaster also made the Atlantic City trip, where he was true to form. For more Robert gambling adventures, read on


Steve McNair lives with his wife Robin and has 26 & 23 year-old daughters Megan and Kaitlyn in Augusta, Georgia, and used to be Manager of Industrial Accounts for Georgia Power (for 26 years). Mick is still playing with cars, we should have guessed (he currently has 16 previous "wrecked" cars under construction), which provided the impetus for him making the Atlantic City trip, as he was able to stop by after picking up car parts in New York City. While attending a job-related class in Atlanta one November, he told Danny and Harry that he's currently building a "FrankenSaab" for his wife. In March '02, he and Robin visited Mick's parents in New Mexico, where Mrs. McNair has obtained her pilot's license. In 2003, he drove to Virginia to pick up the back half of another Saab. Here's the latest on Mick as of Feb. 2011: worked for Georgia Power from 1980 to 2005, handling all issues related to large, sophisticated industrial customers in the Augusta, GA area. Currently works in Atlanta for Cox Enterprises as an Energy Conservation Engineer, and then makes the 2½ hour weekend drive back to Augusta. Mick made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, driving in with brother Dave. Here are current shots of him, plus the latest on his family. Now here's the latest on Mick: "I am working and living in Atlanta. One daughter(Megan 33) is married and living in Nashville. Kaitlyn, 30, lives in Augusta, GA."


Bag, after closing his old business marinetrak.com, where he financed and insured really big boats for marine dealers and marine finance companies, now works for Morgan Stanley in the Washington D.C. area. He lives in Annapolis, Maryland and has two sons Erik and Blake, and got married to Ann in July 2012. Also made the Atlantic City trip. Read about more past Bag or read a December 2005 article he wrote in the Baltimore Sun about military recruits coming after your kids, which got picked up by several left-wing liberal web sites.
John is currently in France with his family fixing up as rentals old properties they've bought. They're there till Easter 2014. The latest, as of Feb. 2018, they now live in Sarasota, FL.


Varmit got married in June, 2001, (to Janie) after a very memorable Cromwell Crew reunion/ bachelor blowout party bash in Atlantic City, June 1 - 3. Matt and Janie lived in Atlanta where Matt worked as a remodeling contractor and also as an installation specialist for European Windows. But then they moved to Spartanburg, S.C., where they currently live. They have a daughter Samantha and son Grant. Read about more past Matt. Varmit made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in.


Terry lives with his wife Cindi and kids Kiel, Rhett, Tyler and Haley in Pensacola, Florida, where he practices law (and has his own web site for it at www.grossandschuster.com). He also taught for a while as an adjunct professor at nearby Pensacola Junior College. Terry organized the February '99 Vegas trip, which was to see the Oscar de la Hoya fight, and put us up in the MGM Grand. Also comped our meals for us, as he was a big winner at the blackjack table. Returned with Jacko and Boast to Vegas in Feb. '00. Terry also made the 2001 Atlantic City trip, where the comped meals were on him until he was comped out and the casino made him pay cash for an under $2.50 breakfast. Terry recently organized another mini-Crew trip to Vegas, March 14 - 17, 2002, where he won $2,500 and which Jack, Rob, Geb and Bag also attended. The latest on TGross according to Kid Odge is that he has his last kid going into college this year (2010), and has moved back into the big house after repairs were done following the hurricanes. Terry has two sons (Rhett, Tyler), two daughters (Kiel, Haley). As of Feb. 2011, 3 are still in college. His saying is: a day without marijuana is a day you can remember. The latest from Terry as of 2/8/11: "I've made a lot of money, but could never envision retiring any time soon. I'm envious (of Brother Dave who's retiring 6/30/11). We stay busy with the kids. Kiel (25) graduated law school and is at Shands hospital in Jacksonville. Rhett (24) is in his second year of law school. Tyler (22) starts law school in September. (Read the altest on Rhett and Tyler on Terry's website, then click on Attorneys. Haley (18) is a freshman at FSU. I've been thinking about a 2011 reunion; we need to pick some dates and I'll host again if there's enough interest. Right now it's Thursday, August 25 to Sunday, August 28. Alcohol is permitted, but no weed. Terry." Tier, Geb, Jacko, Odge, Brother Dave, Varmit, Feather, Hogie, Jack Bobeng, Mick made it. Plans called for a shortened booze cruise on Terry's boat with lunch till mid-afternoon followed by low stakes poker-a-thon with maybe certified adult beverage servers. More details here. Pablo says he may be in, and also that E.J. Moore died 1/31/11. Read his obit on the '74 high school page). As of June 2017, here's the latest on Terry: "Just saw Cut in April, bro Dave June 1, and Odge is coming next month."
The latest from Terry as of 12/15/17: Roast in October, Bro Dave in June, Cut in April and Odge in March. Saw Feather in Dallas, two years ago and Talked to Hogie yesterday. Terry is celebrating Festivus.
Also view this video that Terry sent of the TV series MASH and the coronavirus virus from the episode Fade In, Fade Out.
Read in a pop-up this series of e-mails between Terry and Rob about the great car race between Terry and his gold Toronado and the Roaster in his blue flame.


Jack Bobeng was working for a small textile company in Atlanta called Wink Davis until he was recently laid off. He has now taken a position as Director of Engineering with a company called Jensen USA that builds commercia laundry machines. Jack and his family (Claudia, Jake and Madelin) have had to move, though, to Matthews, N.C., which is near Charlotte, and his job has made him travel to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Canada, California and really over all North America. Jack made the Atlantic City trip. Read about more past Jack. As of 2010, his two kids are now 15 and 17. He was also seeing Danny every few months until he died in June 2010. The last thing they did together was see the Atlanta Braves home opener in April. Jack made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in.


Geb lives with his wife Annie and kids Steve, Stephanie and Aimee in Randolph, N.J. As of Feb. 2011, the last of his kids and the youngest, Aimee, will be graduating from Seton Hall University this semester. Geb is in business for himself with GMI Technical Sales in Florham Park, where he sells computer networking equipment. In fact, he would like to sell you some updoc networking equipment. (You're supposed to say: "What's updoc?"). And Geb's favorite saying is: a day without sunshine is like, well, night. Well, if you like those two and have only heard them a hundred times, read on... 2007 marked Geb's 25th wedding anniversary. Annie wanted to make it a special Silver anniversary, so she asked Geb to take her some place she had never been before. So Geb took her to their kitchen.
As for Geb's brother Mark, it is going well for him in San Francisco in early 2010. He has 3 daughters, is divorcing, works in the Internet communications field, loves his church and northern CA but misses the family tremendously back in Jersey. Here's the link for his facebook account that his girls maintain for him so friends at least know he's still alive (he goes by the name "Juan Valdez.") Geb made Terry's August 25, 2011 Crew reunion, flying in. The latest on Geb's family is that his father, Ray, passed away 6/12/13 after a stroke. He was 89.
This from Geb on 9/29/15: I became a grandpa on the 18th of Sept. My daughter Stephanie had a baby girl named Elle.


Paul lives with his 2nd wife Peggy, son Brenden and daughter Kaylee in Chester, N.J., and, after being laid off Christmas 2002 from Verizon, started up a landscaping business in Chester. He also has three kids from his 1st marriage - Brian, James and Michael - of which two (the twins) live with him now. It was a bad winter 2005 for Pablo, though. He had two operations in three months, with the first being a triple-bypass and the second an emergency abdominal surgery where his colon burst. But he's back on the road to recovery and doing well. On a different note, his annual 4th of July party is now becoming a landmark tradition for the area. Pablo made the Atlantic City bash in June, where he thought about bringing his boat. He and Peg vacationed at Nag's Head, N.C. in May '02. Paul says his mother passed on 3/5/2021.


Lance continues to live happily with his wife Jane and daughters Cara and Emily in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where they both remain professors at the University of Michigan (Lance teaches psychology). Cara, their oldest, graduated from UM in 2003, works in Ann Arbor, and got married in 2005. Lance expects she'll be in graduate school before long. Emily, their youngest, is a senior in high school and is looking at colleges for next year. Lance also likes "to laugh to think that with all those incriminating pictures on the web--now and forever more--we've lost our chance any to be appointed U.S. Attorney General or Supreme Court Justice or run for President. More likely there is going to be some explaining to do when the kids google their last name and stumble across dear old dad passing a joint in the Gross's garage!" Read about Lance's books. You can also read about Lance's academic professional life after he left Cromwell by clicking here. Be sure to check out his own personal web site when you get there.


Harry currently lives in Boise, ID. He is also the webmaster for this site, as well as the Cromwell Crew master historian, along with Tier, Jacko and the Varmit. Captured the Feb. '99 Vegas trip on videotape. Also made it to Odge's reception and helped Varmit organize his bachelor party/Crew reunion in Atlantic City in June 2001. On July 4th, 2009, he attended an antique car collector's show where as part of the event they had Henry Winkler (Fonzie) from Happy Days there celebrating the show's 35th anniversary. See a shot of him. In 2011, Harry hired Hogie to drive his car from Boise, ID to Atlanta, Georgia, where he rented the upper half of a friend's house for six months while getting an insulin pump before returning to Boise in May 2012.


Clete (Paul Denz) was googled and then contacted by Harry in January 2009. You can read all about him here. Desi is living in Jupiter, Fl. (and says he is making the Crew reunion at Terry's August 25, 2011) and owns Desiderio Enterprises, Inc., which is also known as Jadway Construction (the Jad in Jadway stands for James A. Desiderio), where he does new home construction, additions, roofing and siding. Desi is divorced and has two kids, one of whom goes (or went) to FSU. Doug Wakefield (Bogie) currently lives near Norwood, Colorado, with an office also in Arboles, CO (check out his web site). Brett Wakefield is in Chicago, Jeff Maier (Jethro Tull), in Seattle, and Marshall Withers Wiz is in Savannah. This in from Wiz via the Message Board (May 2001): Hello, Crew members. This is the Wiz. In the last few weeks I have gotten calls from Danny Gross and Matt Varmit. I live in Savannah, Ga. Since high school, I went to college at Furman, got a masters in Accounting from Colorado State. I am a CPA and am now CFO for The Coastal Bank in Savannah. We have lived in Savannah since 1985. My wife's name is Sherry. We have been married 20 years in April, 2001. My daughter Nicole graduates from high school in June 2001 and will be going to Mercer. I have enjoyed looking at the Website.
This is the latest from Harry. In mid-Sept. 2019, he got an e-mail from a reporter and the editor of the Daily Record. Having stumbled upon the Crew website, they have since become particulary interested in the Cromwell Hills pool, mainly because it was privately built by some of the initial Cromwell residents (see article here) The Daily Record is interested because all community/neighborhood pools are built and have been built by either the township, city or state. Cromwell Hills is the exception, so they did a story about this. Read about it here. You should also be able to read it here.
Read about it here, too

Here's how Harry thinks you should deal with the toilet paper shortage.

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