T is for Texas

Cut, T and BIG BLUE
Cut went to Texas Tech, too, as did T (but only later
after the van trip when he gave college another try)

Cut's office in Texas, early Feb. '76
Run mouse cursor over picture to see state of
affairs come last day of classes, May 3rd, 1976.
In the other photo here (when you cursor over it), T says this is probably 2 weekends worth of drinking, as they used to accumulate their empties so they could get a discount on the next case. At that time, Lubbock was dry and you could not buy beer in town, but would have to journey outside the city limits. Photos are by Cut's then girlfriend Sara Hamett.

A little beer for the weekend
These 2 photos were taken Oct-Dec 1974 in
the very first house Cut, T & Bummer rented.

Don't try to count them
Bummer went back to N.J.
around Thanksgiving 1974
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Bummer: "Tier, don't take that pic-[click]"

Beer was cheap in Lubbock. Tier and Cut
could sometimes get it for 99¢ a six-pack.

Thanksgiving, 1975

Below, Bag & Jacko visit the boys in Lubbock. Notice Tier's shadow on road as he takes picture,
and Jack, as he thinks he is surreptitiously giving finger. Picture on right must be from backyard.

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The below photos are about six months after Jack, Harry and Tier's cross-country van trip ended, and
they returned home to Jersey on Mother's Day 1975. In September, Tier went back to Texas, where
come Thanksgiving, Jack drove to pick up Bag in Nashville, then on to Texas to see Tier and Cut.

The ol' homestead - outside Tier & Cut's house
Run mouse cursor over photo to see Cut sleeping in
doorway. (T writes on back: "It's a lot prettier inside.
From the outside, it looks like a barn.")XXXXXXXXX

Cut, Bag & Tier

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