The Cromwell College Summer Work Crew
   This is the house that Rob painted
   on Chimney Ridge.

   And yes, it is known that Rob lived
   on Terry Drive and not in Cromwell.

   Here he models a freshly painted
   shutter for Harry's camera.

Asleep at Clete's house on a Friday night,
presumably after a day of painting, (and drinking).
Rob later went on to become
an engaging stockbroker.
Here he poses after a hard
days' work of and/or drinkng.

Ancient artifact, vestige, heirloom? Whatever one makes of this genuine Robert Roast dollar, circa early 1970s, it retains its currency and value, and currently is in the possession of Harry, who will trade it to you for a brewski.

This is Rob at the beach in his
painter pants summer of '75.
Notice how he blends in with the seaweed.
(Kinda looks like he washed up onshore along with the seaweed)

Hear fellow Terry Driver Bob Allatta on Rob.
(if audio doesn't work on your operating
system, and/or you don't have speakers,
click here to read the comments).

Looking for lost lugwrench when we're stoned
as grits. Howie and Bag pictured here with
Rob as we jack up the car. Photo by Harry.

On the way to the Final Exam,
Boast spins off road chasing Clete.
  • blows two tires on his new car
  • loses lugwrench in leaves

Hear a comment from Rob and Howie,
or read them.

Read a re-cap of the most memorable Crew car race which involved the Roaster and Terry here.
Rob drinks a beer at Harry's summer '75 keg party.
Has previously sprained his left foot. Drinks beer to
numb pain, or so he says. (Looks pretty anesthesized

Also pictured: Matt, Tony Pross, Jane Hough,
Helene Freeman and Clete (aka Paul Denz).      
Rob drinks another beer at
Steve McNair's Dec. 31st 1975
New Year's Eve party.