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Here are videos made by and on the Cromwell Crew that are now on YouTube, which you can see through flashplayer if it is installed on your browser. Download it here if it's not.

One video is entitled The Early Years. The other two videos are on the Vegas '99 trip. One is Scene 1 and Scene 2, and the other is Scene 3 and Scene 4. Scene details are below. There is audio for a later portion of The Early Years, but there is audio for all of the Vegas '99 trip, and it is definitely worth listening to. So turn your speakers on. You can also use the control buttons to fast forward to any point in the videos you want.

When the videos begin to play in FlashPlayer, you may want to change the "View Size" to original size, as it may open at twice the normal size, which means that the resolution will be less clear and more blurry than at original size. And if for the Vegas '99 trip some of the scenes seem a little red and/or darkly lit, that is because we were in a casino where it's dimly lit anyway.
The Early Years

Cast: the Crew
Camerman: Bag? Mike Featherstone?
Date: Winter/Summer of '74 ('75?)
Length: 8½ minutes

Part 1: Bummer, Tier and Mike Featherstone build a human pyramid. Then when a car nearly runs over Mike Feather, he unwisely curses his Maker and gets changed into Beau, the Schneider's dog. Also, Mike Buckley and Terry Gross demonstrate some high-jumping basketball finesse while shooting hoops down at the field. No audio.

Part 2: A high school friend and classmate runs over Mike Featherstone with his tractor. Then some disappearing tricks with blankets featuring Tier, Lance, Bag, Harry, Mike Feather and his friend Jim Morrison. No audio.

Part 3: Mike Buckley the magician performs his disappearing tricks on Bag and Tier. This was filmed down in front of the pool in a moving van. No audio.

Part 4: Matt goes for a spin on his cycle, then he and Howie talk to a cop, while in the foreground Harry and Gonky film the Cromwell version of that famous Colt 45 malt liquor TV commercial (see the original commercial at bottom of page). Jim Featherstone joins the cast in a re-shoot at Serpico. With audio.

Part 5: At Serpico, the abandoned saw mill on the other side of Park Avenue, another disappearing trick featuring Howie, Harry, Clete, Varmit, Feather, Gonky and Hogie. That's Howie's El Camino we ride out on. Grand finale at the field includes Bag and Tier. No audio.

You can also watch on the YouTube web site, where you can make the video size bigger, though probably a bit blurier.

If you are viewing this on a mac and can't see the additional pop-up notes when you cursor over the above pictures, they are re-printed here...
    Part 4
  • Varmit goes for a little spin on his cycle, but ends up hanging from a tree.
  • Our first take of the Colt 45 commercial gets interrupted by a cop who's come to see why Matt's cycle was hanging from a tree.

  • Part 5
  • Tier, Danny, Clete, Harry, Matt, Feather and Howie, through some camera stop-action finesse, make it seem like we're hot rodding around down at the field.
  • At Serpico, we stage a classic disappearing trick by all climbing into a stack of tires.
  • The final version of the famous Colt 45 malt liquor TV commercial shot at Serpico.
Las Vegas '99

Cast: the Crew
Camerman: Harry
Date: February '99
Length: 5 minutes

Scene 1: Geb and Hogie play pai gow at the MGM. With audio.

Scene 2: At the Blackjack table, with Terry, Geb, Hogie, Jacko, Danny, Roaster and his two friends. Watch Geb sit in a hand or two for Rob while he's in the bathroom and lose. With audio.
Run mouse cursor over people in below photos.

You can also watch on the YouTube web site, where you can make the video size bigger, though probably a bit blurier.

Length: 5ĺ minutes

Scene 3: Talking with Carrie, our blackjack dealer about Wide World of Sport's Jim KcKay. Or Jim McKai? Then Rob's famous, but inadvertent, $1000 bet, which he won, with all the somewhat off-color remarks and comments. With audio.

Scene 4: Still talking about THE BET in the MGM Grand bathroom with Jacko and Rob. Then Hogie gives Bag the latest news on Desi. With audio.

You can also watch on the YouTube web site, where you can make the video size bigger, though probably a bit blurier.

The below individual video clips can also be saved by right-clicking on them and choosing "Save Target As," but they can only be viewed in RealPlayer, not Windows Media Player or Quick-Time. If you don't have RealPlayer installed on your PC, get the free download here.
Early Years
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
  Part 5 *
Las Vegas '99
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4

* See some of the original Colt 45 commercials on which we based our re-shoot, particularly the first half of #3:
  Colt 45 commercial 1  Colt 45 commercial 2   Colt 45 commercial 3
From the grooveyard of forgotten best hits...
Watch/listen to Crew members' favorite songs ... (every single one is different)     ♫ ♪ ♬

Tier: O Black Water; Doobie Brothers
Harry: Freebird; Lynyrd Skynyrd and Falling in love with you; Elvis Presley
Bag: The Pusher or here or here; Steppenwolf
Geb: Born to Be Wild or here or here or here; Steppenwolf
Odge: This Magic Moment or here; Jay and the Americans or Frank Sinatra
Howie:* Dance to the Music; Sly and the Family Stone
Feather: Takiní Care of Business; Bachman Turner Overdrive or here
Matt: Riders On the Storm; the Doors
Mick: Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown or here (Jim Croce) or Little Deuce Coup (Beach Boys)
Dave: John Denver Country Roads; Click here
Jack K: Sweet Home Alabama or here or here (Lynyrd Skynyrd) or Magic Carpet Ride (Steppenwolf)
Jack B: Village People; Click here
Pablo/Hogie: In Memory of Elizabeth Reed; The Allman Brothers Band
Bummer: Itís Only Rock Ďn Roll; Rolling Stones
Rob: Money; Pink Floyd
Lance: Morning Has Broken; Cat Stevens
Terry: Bye Bye Miss American Pie; Don McLean
Danny: Thank God I'm a Country Boy; John Denver
River or here; Joni Mitchell
House of the Rising Sun; The Animals
*Who can forget Howie getting drunk and dancing nude to Sly & the Family Stone's Dance To The Music at Keith Harrison's house in Butterworth?
Crew members' favorite video clips...


  • Any Bruce Lee clip. Especially when he kills Chuck Norris. Click here.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's many "I'll be back" Terminator clips. Click here.
  • Bruce Lee again in good fight scene in Enter the Dragon. Click here.

  • ...with associated notes. "The reason I like the Terminator sequence is I used to own the
    exact same shotgun, a Franchi S.P.A.S. 12. Bobeng had one too but we both traded them
    away and still regret it. The massive gun firing clip from Predator is where they line up
    and cut down the entire jungle for five minutes. It was supposed to be a testimonial to
    the most bullets per frame in the movies."

    A notable mention is the movie "Act of Valor." It is the only movie since the 1920's to use
    live ammo. The story line is so-so, but the tracers are unbelievable and you just know many
    pairs of underwear had to be changed after the river boat mini-gun scene. I give the Bullets
    Per Frame rating at least "6 Varmits."

    The essence of an authentic Varmit clip is not the plot, but the extreme violence that is
    portrayed or suggested. The cross kick to round kick by Bruce Lee to Chuck Norris's head is
    truly magical, Arnold's "I'll be back" is malevolent incarnate, Tracers at 600 rounds a minute
    speak for themselves. In our over-civilized society we have forgotten how effective violence can
    be. As a motivator, pain is the only sense that supercedes all others. Someone in extreme pain
    will not be spewing politically correct vitriol or adding their misguided opinions to the overall
    pollution of our society.

  • The classic fight scene between James Bond and Oddjob at Fort Knox in Goldfinger.
  • Click here to see Lt. Dan greeting his new recruits in Forrest Gump.
  • Click here to see Marion (Karen Allen) blow cigarette smoke in a Nazi's face in Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Get that pigeon. Superb 6 minute animated video parody along the lines of Get Smart'sAgent 86.
  • The opening credits for the movie It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. And gas station scene.
  • And don't forget Steve Martin doing King Tut.
  • A Twilight Zone episode entitled The Midnight Sun (Time: 25:38)
  • A Twilight Zone episode entitled The Seventh Is Made Up of Phantoms (Time: 29:41)
  • Geb:
  • Some of my favorite movie clips are from Dumb & Dumber. I really like 3 clips. When
    they are at the diner and he asks the waitress what is soup de jour and she says soup of
    the day. Jim Carrey replies: "That sounds good. I'll have that." While also at the diner, the bad
    guy "SEABASS" asks who threw the salt, and Jim Carrey points to Jeff Daniels. This is really funny.
    To see both scenes click here.

    When they are at the bar dressed in the crazy color tux's and Jim Carrey is sticking his butt out
    thinking he looks so cool. Click here.

  • I like the Chris Farley Tommy Boy movie where there is a knock on the door. "Room service?"