Cromwell Crew Group Photos - 1977

Although it's not known for sure, this is most likely at Lake Swartzwood, where Bogie's parents had a rental or vacation house, plus he's also in the photo. However, it could be Lake Hopatkong, where the Crew also went a lot. Lake Swartswood was almost all the way to the Delaware Water Gap.

In this group photo, that could possibly be Harry Heinkele behind Varmit, who lived two or three houses down from Wintz, and joined in on many a garage beer-robbing night. Varmit could be about to say the "f" word.

For outsiders viewing this, from left to right: Varmit, Harry Heinkele, Lance, Hogie, Jacko, Helene, Bogie, Howie, Rob. Sitting down are Tier and Bag. Photo by the other Harry. Though not in this picture, Bummer was also there.

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Jack Kramer hosted Howie's bachelor party, the first of the Crew to get married. Jacko says: “When Howie and Nancy decided to get married, I was asked to be the Best Man. And of course the trouble with being the Best Man is throwing the bachelor’s party. I’ll never forget going out to the liquor store and trying to find what alcohol do I need, and I saw vodka by Cromwell. I saw gin by Cromwell, so I bought all the Cromwell bottles. I guess the one thing I remember is lining up all the beer bottles on the front porch, and my mother came home the next day, she just absolutely freaked out.” Go there

Watching smut films

Photo taken from roof

Getting ready to go to the August '77 wedding. Howie got married at St. Thomas More Church off Madision Avenue and across from St. Elizabeth. Below we're at the reception at Governor Morris.

In the High Chamber that night after the reception.


December 31, 1977, New Year's Eve at Schneider's.

In this photo, Cut, Sarah, Bummer, Paula, Emily (Paula's friend from Washington Univ.), Terry (who is passing something to Howie that Howie wants no part of), Howie, Helene, Joanne, Jack Bobeng, Bag, Tree, Nancy, Tier, Varmit, Robert, Todd, plus one unknown person.

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