July 4th, 2003 (Friday) at Paul's house in Chester 

Paul salutes the 4th with a red, white and blue cold one.

Paul and Peggy's 9th Annual
July 4th Picnic Celebration

Pablo's Uranium-enriched nuclear-powered U-238 Grill
Bag and Rob, representing Cromwell, also attend the gala. Hogie (not
pictured) was also there, taking these photos with his digital camera.

Rob enjoys a burger while Bag is amused about something.

Pablo points to the blue tarp that is falling down that no one, except him,
seems to be particulary concerned about.

These kids are Paul's son, Bendan, and nephew, Johnny.

Unknown what John is eating,
but it could be a clam, yes it is.

Jacko shows up with Helene (not pictured).

When Pablo throws a party, he makes sure there's a band. In
this case, the band is his nephew Eric, who is the drummer...

... and swimming, too. (the guy with the stogie is Paul's brother-in-law, Craig)

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