Mardi Gras '77 - February 15 - 22
Audobon Park - New Orleans, Louisiana ...the Crew's last Mardi Gras
Tier and Roaster
Dave's friend Jackie from Milledgeville, GA
painted the goatee & surfer's cross on Harry
(That's Harry's blue BMW that Brother Dave & Rob are leaning against)

"Always mark your calendar for Mardi Gras" - Tom Tierney
Dave, Bag, Hogie and Harry's friend Eric from U of FL
This was the Crew's last Mardi Gras

Don't even ask where Harry got this street sign
Hear comments from
Tier Dave and Hogie
(or read them)

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February 17 - February 22
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Terry at Tulane University (but not for Mardi Gras) - September, 1979