FOOTBALL - Cromwell vs. Butterworth

Who can forget the Cromwell vs. Butterworth football games? This one was held at Butterworth field in 1974.

Rob, Harry and Jack provide a three-man Cromwell rush against Butterworth. Tommy Denman hikes to
Vince. Unknown who's taking pictures. Maybe Peggy.

In this photo are Peggy Humphrey (fixing her bra), Kim Boetcher, Lynn Ryan, Vince Borelli, Beth Belote, Bob Roast, Tommy Denman (#50), Jaime (#21), Stan Borelli, Carter, Paul Denz, Pepé Freeman, and others.

With Vince quarterbacking, Tommy Denman and Jaime (forget his last name) go out for a pass. Boast and Horace rush.

Notice Rob's torn shirt, a casualty of the game. He says “I just remember hating to lose to Butterworth and Vince and those guys
playing football. We were always so competitive, and they were always rubbing it in calling us names like 'Crumbcake.' That's
what I remember about those games.” Harry adds, when they called us 'Crumbcake' we replied "What's Butter worth? Nothing."

Butterworth cheerleader (right) doesn't
look too happy after Cromwell scores.
(But she does have nice boobs and lipstick.)

Jacko says: "Cromwell vs. Butterworth football games. My biggest recollection on that is Tier
getting a concussion and getting knocked out and getting back up and playing. Never quitting.”


The below photo was played at Morristown Beard toward year-end of 1975. Again Cromwell vs. Butterworth.

These teams may actually have been mixed, as that's Bob Roast and Tommy Denman on one side, and one of the Borelli
brothers rushing in on the other side. Howie can be seen watching from the sidelines. He never played. Unknowned why.

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