Cut, Slice, Burn, Shit, Chew
Cut was called Cut because he
liked and drank "Cutty Sark"

but here he's drinking beer, as in
99 bottles of beer on the wall (1974)
- in Lubbock -
Cut with a comment at the Hotel Gross
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This is indeed a rare photo, not because Cut is sitting on someone's car (probably Roast's '63 corvette), but because it probably was the only time a car was ever parked in the Gross Hotel's garage. (August 1977). Cut came back from Lubbock, TX for Howie's wedding.

This is probably 1974. Cut must've liked
Joni Mitchell. That's her poster on the wall.

Hear Cut at Howie's wedding with a comment or read it
(left to right: Tier, Joanna, Bummer, Sarah, Cut - August, 1977)
At MARDI GRAS '76   (Feb. 26 - March 2)

Odge and Cut are in the beginning stage of an all-consuming,
no holds barred drunk, but Odge is a tad further ahead than Cut
See how they ended up.

Harry is pretending to talk to Cut, but he's really avoiding
the camera. Also, that Army Sergeant shirt he's wearing
was earned by his father during the Korean War, which
he still has to this day.
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