This is Terry    

February 24 - 29

In Harry's dorm room at Tulane University in New Orleans
with Terry, Tier, Bag, Buckley, Paul Denz, Joe Borelli and
Joe's friends from Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama.

Hear a tale from Terry
or read it if you can't
play the audio file

Walking down a street near Tulane University
- Terry, Buckley and Tier are in foreground -

Tier, Bag and Buckley on the quad - on the way back to Harry's dorm room
Hear a comment from Tier about Buckley
(or read it if you can't play the audio file)

Bag and Tier get fireworks ready for the
evening festivities. Right: Mike Buckley

The festivities
also included
some of this.

- Fat Tuesday -
Feb. 29, 1974

Hear a comment from Bag, who is reading
Newsweek. Run your mouse cursor over
above pic to see what Buckley is reading

(If you can't play the audio file, read it here)
2. Dixie Beer

Fine dining at the Burger King

Clete, Tier, Joe Borelli and either Bag
or someone else in the green coat.     

Clete sits next to T.C., a friend of Joe Borelli
who came with him from Springhill College.

One of the many parades
In Tulane Stadium - the Sugar Bowl1

With Joe Borelli and his friends from
Springhill College in Mobile, Alabama
Listen to House of the Rising Sun

  1. 1974 was the last year the Sugar Bowl was played at Tulane Stadium before moving to the Superdome in 1975. The Saints also played their last game here in December 1974, while the last game ever at Tulane Stadium was Super Bowl IX in January 1975. It was demolished in 1980.
    Harry's dorm room (above) was right across the street from the Sugar Bowl and contained a slice of astro turf from said stadium therein. That green carpet, in other words, is from the Sugar Bowl.
  2. If the Crew had been there during Hurricane Katrina 2005, they would have ensured that the beer, along with the floodwaters, would still be flowing. Consumed in mass quantities, Dixie beer, in fact, will blow you away. Just ask Odge or Dave from Mardi Gras '76. The Dixie Beer sign above Harry stole from somewhere in New Orleans.

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