The View from Tier's  -  September 1974

Tier and Bummer load up their possessions in Big Blue and move to Texas - September 1974.

The actual day they left was Monday, Sept. 16, 1974. After spending a year of college at Washington Univ.
in St. Louis, Tier's original plan was to go solo "out West" and visit Feather at Villanova, Debbie Terzian
(Bag's old girlfriend) at a girl's college also in Pennsylvania, then Bag at Vanderbilt in Nashville, and finally
Terry & Lance at Washington University in St. Louis. Once Bummer decided to go, they added Cut at Texas
Tech in Lubbock. Hear comments from Tier, Bummer & Brother Dave (if your operating system won't play
the audio files and/or you don't have speakers, click here to read the comments).

Photos by Mr. Tierney

Harry, Howie, Clete, Mickey, Bummer, Tier, Rob, Jack & Dave were there.

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and Cut in Texas

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The Tierneys, one of Cromwell's
original residents, are still there.
Read the story in the Daily Record.

See if you can answer Tier's trivia question: What was their first stop?
a) Hotel Gross (.1 mile) to say goodbye to Jesse May Baker
b) Friendly’s Restaurant (2.7 miles) because we left on a empty stomach
c) Geb’s (.1 mile) because he owed Bummer 5 bucks
d) Villanova to visit Feather (83 miles)
e) Terry Drive (1 mile) to get Bummer’s carton of Marlboro’s and more

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Read a 2009 family
newsletter from
Tier's brother Rich.

The View from Tier's  -  October 2012

See what this was like from a similar scene in the Wizard of Oz.

This is what Hurricane Sandy did to Tier's house when it roared through Cromwell in October 2012. Mr. Tierney was still living there, but fortunately sleeping on the other side when the house got struck. Here's what Paul Allatta says in a recent e-mail to everyone: "The destruction all over Morris County is just unbelievable. Just picture the woods between Cromwell Hills and Terry Drive. Between my old house and McDonald's house lets say. There are sections all over here in Chester where the woods, that size, are just completely blown over. On the ground, on houses, cars, trucks, wires etc. Thousands of trees, no exageration, thousands of trees. Telephone poles and electric poles are still down. They ran out of poles. It is absolutely amazing. Most of us have power, but it was truly a wild ride for 2½ weeks." T says they are going to rebuild. And these pictures were taken by his brother Richard, who lives with his family on Flintlock.
The latest from Tier (Feb. 2013) about the house is this: "The house has been sold to a builder who will demolish it and rebuild it. Closing is Tuesday. We are having an estate sale at my brother's house. I think it is Feb 22nd & 23rd. I am flying up this Saturday (Feb. 16) to attempt to recover any belongings. I am also going to try to gain entry into my parent's closet by digging through sheetrock as normal access is blocked by debris. Last time home I found my parent's wedding album. I am in search of my Dad's Marine uniform, a nativity scene that my Dad built out of a milk crate in 1960, a box of pictures I had stashed up in the attic, a Sly & Family Stone Album, and a pair of walkie talkies from Christmas 1962. I think half of one antenna is still over at Geb's house."
This is what Tier writes to everyone in an e-mail on March 1st:
I am flying up again to NJ tomorrow (Saturday-Monday) for a last ditch effort to get more memorabilia/family artifacts out of #9 Chimney Ridge Drive as we close on the house Monday or Tuesday. This trip will be to hopefully cut through walls to gain access to closets and dressers whose normal entry is blocked.
Jacko, I land at 10:40 am. I’ll call you to let you know when I will be in Cromwell. See down below for when he was.

Last trip home I found the following:
My Dad’s items
- High School Varsity Letters from Xavier High School
- Wedding Ring
- Autographed baseball from the members of the 1969 World Championship NY Mets courtesy of Duffy Dyer
- Passport
- Telephoto lens
- Dental tool (at one time he was going to be a dentist)
- Marine hat ( green soft garrison cap, sometimes nicknamed a "piss cutter")
- US Marine “Captains bars”
- US Marine “insignia” (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor)
- Marine dispatch orders to Korea
- Marine release orders in accordance with Geneva Convention
- Marine cuff links
Did not find Marine uniform and hard-framed service cap, yet
My Stuff
A Poster. While I was sifting through items in the garage a family member handed me a poster that they found and said “this is yours.” I thought that it was my Farah Fawcett poster or perhaps my poster of a nun ripping open her blouse to reveal a Che Guevara tattoo. Instead it was “The Canoe Trip poster.” All the better.

These are all shots of Tier's house post hurricane. The green tarp was placed over the top because an oak tree fell on the roof and destroyed it.

The one below was taken by Jacko August 2013, as Tier's house was bulldozed to the ground

To the right is Tier's family in 1988.
Pictured top row is: sister Liz, Tier, Mr. & Mrs. Tierney, brother Richard (Butch)
Pictured bottom row is: sister Julie, her son John, and her husband Steve Gerke

T says: "We are to the extreme side of our front yard. Our backs are to the
beginning of Colonial Drive. You can see the corner of Chimney Ridge and Powderhorn
over Liz’s right shoulder. Our porch is to Richard’s left."

Mouseover Tier's family to see photo of Mr. Tierney. Tier's father died in March 2018.

Tier, Jacko, Rob and Geb at Arthur's in Morris Plains, which is next to Collins Bar, Feb. 3 2013

Tier, Jacko, and Howie at Richard Tierney's house (Tier's little brother)
in Cromwell for Thanksgiving 2014. Man, are we getting old.