Cromwell Crew Reunion
Varmit Bachelor Blowout Party Weekend
June 1 - 3, 2001
  • Atlantic City
  • ACity Boardwalk
  • ACity Dinners
  • Atlantic City, N.J.

    Jack, Harry & Matt at a Philly airport bar waiting on Terry and his limo
    Picture taken by a foxy waitress whom we tried to pick up, but wasn't interested

    Read Matt's
    to the
    Crew inviting
    them to come
    to Atlantic City

    Varmit, Mick, Harry, Bag, Jack B., Bum, Odge (the Disco Bar has some other name now)

    Geb wishes he hadn't bet
    the company payroll.

    At the Irish Pub
    Jack quietly orders another beer.

    On the way to the Irish Pub, a seagull drops a load
    on Odge's head. This pic taken just seconds later
    by Harry. At first Odge thought it was some water
    dripping from the awning overhead, until he ran his
    fingers through his hair and felt something gooey,
    as in pigeon shit.

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