Brother Dave at Mardi Gras '76

In a New Orleans bar
That's Bag in the brown coat behind Dave talking to the girl at the
bar pictured below. See how they ended up on the trolley tracks.

Make my beer a "Dixie!"
In Audobon Park

This girl's name (in purple) is Peggy

Dave brought these two girls from Milledgeville, GA with him, but has since forgotten their names.

That's a 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Dave's friend Jackie sits in.

Visiting Dave in Milledgeville, GA - March 1976

At Dave's house, March 23, 1976
Picture by T and he writes on back:
“Everyone must have itchy balls cuz
they got their hands in their pants.”

Outside some bar and looped
(with Dave's Milledgeville friend, Jackie Van Aucken)

After the Mardi Gras, we head to Georgia to visit with Dave there, then sojourn to USC at Columbia, SC to see Danny.

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