Southern Comfort and tequila, an unholy mix. And
that's probably vodka & orange juice in the pitcher.
Hear Rob
or read it


shots of

(151 proof)

but not
Grain Alcohol


A shot of courage for the next round of Poker! Matt
watches Rob down a flaming shot of 151 tequila. Also
watch how these card games typically went. And also
watch here as well, and here. And don't forget fizbin.

Notice salt shaker on table for margaritas. Feather (left) and Brother Dave (right) in photo, and we're playing 3-card guts.

Go Upstairs
watch out for Jesse
(does anyone think that Jesse
looked like Aunt Jemima?)

or out to

Terry points out Harry's all-brown leisure suit

The Hotel lobby is a little crowded tonight.
(This night different than the one above).

Bummer makes a bad ping pong shot and is ashamed.

Enter H.C.

or Back

Hear Feather

or read Rob and Fea-
ther's comments here.

Pablo wasn't interested in and really
couldn't care less about Feather's shot.
He just wanted to be in the picture.

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